February 24, 2013

Money, Money, Money



I love Money. I am sure you are thinking who doesn’t. I actually enjoy having my own business because I get to decide what I do with the money I earn. The first thing I do is pay for the site to run which is 35% of my earnings. The next thing I do is invest 10% back into my business by sponsoring giveaways. You can find those on the Madame Deals Contest page. Then I put money away for a rainy day and uncle sam 20%.I spend 5% on charities and I also donate my ad space, time, and products I have reviewed. I pay myself 20% and I take 10% of my earnings and I hire you.


I created a job board to hire the people that read my site. Why? The answer is simple if you are running a business and you do not take the time to invest in the people that use your services what good is your business? How are you as a business owner helping to benefit society? I believe that each reader I have is valuable to my overall success as a business person. I believe in working with other bloggers, brands, and readers to bring the best products and services I can find to your inboxes, rss feed, facebook feed, twitter, and pinterest board.

Follow Madame Deals

Here is what I need from you to grow and expand my vision to help more people.

1) I need you to follow me on the social media you follow the most. (You can click on those images to get to me)

2) I need you to share, like, retweet, re pin, watch my video, google+ my content, stumble it, submit it to article sites etc. I need you to visit my site and comment on the posts that you find helpful.

3) Enter the giveaways they are usually sponsored so the happier to brand is then the more they will provide for you to win 🙂 www.madamedeals.com

4) Tell your friends about my site. We are working on a series for tips to save $5 a day, how to be a normal coupon shopper, recycled crafts, living on less than 30,000, how to find the right bed, and recipes and weight loss tips and seasonal holiday crafts.

5) Apply to earn Money

Fact: This site currently employs 8 people and about 10 additional fans a week. We can’t do it without your help. I look forward to empowering you to live your dream and Make DollarS Out of Change!

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