December 9, 2015

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Review

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Review

Mimo Infant Monitor Review

You would think by child #3 I would be thankful for every moment that the baby is sleeping, but because my first two children had colic and GERD they were not very prone to sleeping consistently. Actually, they hardly slept at all! Due to their sleep issues, when #3 arrived and (gasp!) actually slept, I freaked out. Who knew that the more he slept the less I would? The crazy thing about having multiple children is that you suddenly realize how fragile they are as infants. Your older children suddenly seem bigger and sturdier.

This is where the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor comes in and this is how it works.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Each Mimo Smart Baby Monitor kit comes with 3 bamboo onesies in the size your child is currently wearing. Also included is a “lily pad” docking/charging station and a little turtle friend who attaches to the onesie via magnets. You simply plug in the lily pad to charge up the turtle between uses. The onesie can be worn on top of normal infant attire or under it. Once you have set up an account and downloaded the app you can snap the little turtle onto your sleeping child and relax. The app will send you a text message/alert when the baby is waking up. It also monitors the baby’s breathing patterns and temperature. There are other products available that combine with the Mimo to be able to listen in on the baby and get a visual as well. All of this information is shareable, so it makes it easy for caregivers to all be on the same page with your little one’s care.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Thankfully the Mimo Sleep Monitor is an amazing way for me to be able to find a way to have a peaceful nights sleep and stop worrying so much. The kimono onesie was easy to incorporate into his night outfit and didn’t interfere with his swaddle. Since he is just over 9 weeks old, he hasn’t started rolling in his sleep. I can’t see how the device would interfere much when he does though.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Finding a way to balance the anxiety of parenthood with practical living is key to surviving the newborn phase. There are many products out there and this is definitely an investment in peace of mind and #BetterSleepForEveryone.



The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor comes is 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 month sizes and in four colors: natural, mint, pink, and yellow. The monitor is available at Babies R Us for $199.

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