November 26, 2015

Midnight by Carole Hochman Review

Disclaimer: I received compensation and Carole Hochman products in exchange for this review but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Midnight by Carole Hochman Review

Carole Hochman Review

It is that time of year—when the rush of the holiday season begins and you’re worried about presents! You make your way through a list of who to gift, what to give, and how much to spend but even when you think of great ideas, they all seem overdone. So, I tend to stick to a tried-and-true rule: gift things people need but do not necessarily buy for themselves.

Midnight by Carole Hochman Review

That is why loungewear—or what my children call PJs—is such a great gift! When I was offered the opportunity to review a beautiful, French terry cardigan, cami, and capri set from the Midnight by Carole Hochman collection, it was right up my alley.

For those of you not familiar with the brand, Midnight is a collection of sophisticated and versatile lounge and sleepwear. Bringing chic confidence and a modern sensibility to the timeless and flattering designs that women desire for unwinding so they can be “in the moment”.

Midnight by Carole Hochman Review

Once I received the set, I immediately loved the comfort and softness of each piece. By now you might be aware that as a stay-at-home mom with a business, three kids, and an affinity for volunteer work, I require quality construction. And from top-to-bottom, I wasn’t disappointed in the Midnight Lounge collection. Because when you spend as little time as I do indulging in items that are both functional and pretty, you value them more when they’re also effortless and versatile.

Speaking on versatility: the cami under a sweater, the cardigan over gym clothes, a tunic paired with the capris…Each piece is designed to work flawlessly with your everyday wardrobe. So whether I’m getting the kids to school, hitting the gym, traveling for work or making my way to the homes of relatives for the holidays, I’m always both modestly dressed and perfectly comfortable in every situation.

I wanted to share my great experience with you because if you know a woman who could benefit from saying goodbye to the old (think: ugly t-shirts, frayed PJs, spouses’ hand-me-downs) and hello to something new and wonderful, Midnight Lounge by Carole Hochman could be just the gift! It is both something she needs in her life but might not know is perfect for her. Put simply, the Midnight Lounge by Carole Hochman French Terry Set is a gift you will love to both give and get.

See below for more detailed pics of the pieces I received in Black Currant.

Midnight by Carole Hochman

midnight lounge capri

midnight lounge French Terry Capri

midnight lounge cardigan

midnight lounge Cardigan

midnight lounge cami

midnight lounge Cami

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