March 20, 2013

Meet the New Puppies

Yesterday brought Tiny Rays of Happiness AKA New Puppies to our House

moma and puppies

This is Momma Coral keeping her new puppies safe from the Camera!

Coral worked really hard and delivered 7 little puppies like an experienced momma even though this was her first time. Sadly, puppy #5 (the runt) did not make it. She does have 6 new puppies to take care of and she dove right in to make sure they were okay.

new puppies

The New Puppies – all nice and warm!

Names from Top to Bottom: Feleecia, Periwinkle, Titan, (unnamed girl), Thayer, and (unnamed boy)

As you can imagine 6 little puppies are cute to us but poor Momma Coral is already exhausted from 6 kids.

new puppies

These Precious Puppies will never have to worry about being safe.Thanks to Home Fur-Ever Rescue , when they are ready to be adopted, they will make sure they are placed in great, loving homes.

new puppies

To read more about yesterday’s happenings with the puppies check out my post.

Love, Laughter, Heartbreak and Tears-Emotions of a Furry Foster Parent

new puppies

Snuggly Puppies all safe and warm!!

This picture represents why adopting from an animal rescue is so important. Don’t these dogs deserve a second chance! I  volunteer and am a furry foster parent with Home Fur Ever Rescue If you are looking for a pet or want to be a furry foster parent check Petfinder for a local Animal Rescue in your area.

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