February 18, 2014

Make Your Own Dog Collar

Make Your Own Dog Collar

Picture provided by FreeDigitalPhotos.net and Witthaya Phonsawat

Picture provided by FreeDigitalPhotos.net and Witthaya Phonsawat

Buying collars for your dogs can add up overtime. Even when you wash them frequently they tend to get dirty quickly and some stains just won’t come out. With dogs that love to be outside, they are always in need of a new collar. It seems every time I go to buy one at the pet store, they are more expensive than the time before. I also find that the fashionable ones are way more expensive but I feel every dog deserves to feel special. That is why I have come up with some easy ways to Make Your Own Dog Collar.

 How to Make Your Own Dog Collar

how to make your own dog collar


Supplies Needed

Sharp Crafting Scissors

Needle and Thread (Faster with Sewing Machine)

Metal D Ring (Use the one from an old collar)

Used Cloth Belt (from your closet or the thrift store) I did not pay more than 99 cents for each belt.


Design 1

Place belt around your dog’s neck and hook it thru at the appropriate hole.

Keep an extra 2-4 inches after it is hooked in. Mark it with a marker.

Remove the belt and cut an a triangle at the end.

Slip the Metal D Ring on the collar.

If you are worried about fraying make sure to coat the cut ends with clear nail polish or singe the ends with a lighter (be careful not to catch the belt on fire.)

Put your dog’s tags on the ring and place the belt around his/her neck. 

You now have a customized dog collar. (If you are feeling creative glue rhinestones or other decorative attachments to collar before placing on your dog.)

dog collar 2

Option 2

Take Measuring tape and measure around your dog’s neck. Add 4  inches to the measurement.

Divide the number in half. For Example: the neck measures 12 inches (you add 4 to equal 16 and divide in 1/2 for 8 inches).

Measure the half number in from each side and mark with a marker. (This is the area you will be removing from the middle.)

Cut the middle section where you have marked. Set aside.

You are now going to concentrate on your 2 ends. Lay one end on top of the other 2 inches in.

Sew a straight line at the inside edge where they are joined. (If you hare hand sewing make sure to sew it back and forth a few times.)

Place the D ring on the flap that isn’t sewn. Sew the flap to the belt.

Your D ring is now secure to your new collar.

Place the tags on the D ring and place collar on the dog.

Make Your Own dog collar

 If you need to put more holes in your dog collar you can use a leather punch or a cordless drill.

Always make sure to transfer  your dog’s tags when you are switching collars. Their tags let authorities know where they belong and if they have had a rabies and/or are licensed nearby. This is very helpful if your dog should get lost.

I like how easy it is to Make Your Own Dog Collar because now I can switch their collars out for holidays and special events without spending a fortune. This allows me to pamper them with special dog treats.

Make Your Own Dog Collar

dog collar

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