May 13, 2014

Make Money With Community Garage Sales

 Make Money With Community Garage Sales

Community Garage Sales

Everyone has stuff lying around their house that they say they need to go thru. From the kids clothes that have been outgrown to items in the kitchen that are never used, your house is a trove of treasure that is waiting to be turned into cash. By following our tips you can successfully sell your belongings to your friends, neighbors, and strangers who stop by and Make Money with Community Garage Sales. 

 Tips to Make Money with Community Garage Sales

Make Money with Garage Sales

  1.  Collect Stuff Year Round. Designate an area in your house where you can store stuff for your garage sale. Put your stuff there during the year so when it is time for your garage sale all your stuff is in one place . This will safe you time from trying to clean out every room in your house at the same time and you will have it all organized in one spot. Also you will have more items because you have an area designated for your garage sale, you won’t be tempted to just throw something away because you didn’t have anywhere to put it.
  2. Plan Ahead of Time.  Do not wait until the last minute to set a date and expect to pull it off and make money. Set the date at least a month in advance if not more. Find out if your city requires a permit and if so apply for one as soon as possible. During this time make sure to find out sign laws, go thru the house for any last minute items you may have missed, organize your items, make sure you have enough tables, etc.
  3. Invite a Friend. The larger your sale the more likely people will stop and shop. Invite a friend or family member (or more) to join in on the action and bring their stuff (or take your stuff there) and set up shop. Make sure to clearly mark the tags so you know whose stuff belongs to whom.
  4. Advertise. Many cities don’t allow signs to be hung up anymore and with garage sales becoming popular again people are hunting them out ahead of time and planning their routes. So it is essential to advertise on places such as Craigslist or even your local newspaper in the classifieds. Do you belong to any local Social Media groups make sure to share and highlight any large specific items you may have such as Baby, Fitness, or Furniture.
  5. Have Plenty of Change . It would be a shame to lose out on a deal because you don’t have enough change. Be prepared for the person that is going to pay for a $1 item with a $20. It always happens and I have been guilty of it on more than one occasion myself since that is what the ATM gives out.
  6. Offer Drinks and Treats.  As long as your city or HOA does not prohibit you from selling this type of items consider offering soda, bottled water or even a good old fashioned lemonade stand. This is also a good project for your kids to run and gives them a sense of pride and teaches them responsibility. You could sell store bought wrapped treats or offer homemade treats.
  7. Pick a Busy Location.  If you live in a very dead area don’t hold your garage sale there instead find somewhere else that is busier to hold it. Ask a friend or relative if you can use there place.
  8. Use Price Stickers.  Even though it is easier to place a sign on a table that says “Everything on this table is $1.” When people come to pay you it is more difficult to figure out prices and when you have more than one person at a sale things can get confusing. Invest in the pre-priced stickers and place them on everything. You can also hang a sign that says anything without a sticker will not be sold to stop people from removing stickers in hopes you will let them offer you a lower price.
  9. Be Reasonable When Pricing. Remember you are selling things at a Garage Sale not at a Retail Store. Price items based on what they are not on the memories they hold. People do not pay for memories or how cute your child looked while wearing an outfit. They are looking at the item for what it is. Remember if it doesn’t sell you are going to be packing it back up so remember that when pricing. What would you want to pay for it and then drop it down a little.
  10. Be willing to negotiate. Always remember you are trying to get these items out of your home. If someone is buying a large selection of items be reasonable and listen to what they are offering. If it seems reasonable accept their offer and remember it is going to be less items you have to pack up and haul away.
  11. Drop Prices on the Last Day. If you are planning to donate the items after the sale is over and not store them for another sale. Drop the prices on the last day. Some people will do this for the whole day or the last 4 hours. Some examples include the following: 1/2 off everything, Fill a bag for $3, Buy One, Get One Free, or everything is $0.25.
  12. Don’t Leave Money Unattended. Garage Sales are prime spots for thieves to come and rob. Homeowners are so busy dealing with customers they often leave the money box unattended or the front doors wide open. Always have an extra adult or two around to help you with the customers and watch the house. I suggest a fanny pack or extra should bag purse to keep the money in so it is always on you. Have one person handle the money so that it is not being passed back and forth. If you must be home alone, keep the house locked and keep a key in your pocket for when you need to go inside and your phone in your other pocket.

Now that you know how to Make Money with Community Garage Sales get planning and start cleaning thru those rooms and finding the hidden treasure buried inside your own home.

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