January 5, 2014

Make Your Own Birthday Invitation

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Make Your Own Birthday Invitation

Make Your Own Birthday Invitations 2

Birthday parties are a time for celebration but planning them can be a major source of stress. I don’t know how many hours I have spent searching for the “perfect” invitations to match a party themes. I have created invitations on my computer but cringe at the amount of ink I use up for something someone most likely isn’t going to keep. I am thrifty so my goal when party planning is to spend as little as possible while throwing a great party. I priced out invitations or cards thru the online sites that let you create your own photo card and more and once again the price is way to high for me for a party invitation. So I put my thinking cap on again this year with my daughter’s birthday approaching. She did not want to send the dollar store invitations I had bought to save money so we put our heads together and came up with an idea to Make Your Own Birthday Invitation. 

Make Your Own Birthday Invitations 1

Make Your Own Birthday Invitation


  • Scrapbook paper to match your theme (1 sheet for ever 2 invitations)
  • 1 Pack of Invitations from the Dollar Store
  • Invitation Size Envelopes (I always buy extra packs of invitations at the Dollar Store  just for the envelopes)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie Marker (Black or Colored)
  • Optional: Paper Cutter, Craft Scissors, Ribbon

Instructions to Make Your Own Birthday Invitation

1. Take 1 sheet of Scrapbook Paper and fold in half with the plain side facing out.

A. Open Invitation and place on  scrapbook paper. (This will insure that your invitation will fit in the envelopes)

B. Trace the invitation.

C. Using Scissors or Paper Cutter, Cut out the traced shape on the Scrapbook Paper.

This is now the base of your Invitation.

2. Using Scissors cut the store bought invitation in half.

A. Set aside the top blank half (Money Saving Tip – Use this for scrap paper before recycling)

B. Fill out the party information on the bottom half.

C. Make enough copies for the invitations you are making.

D. Use Craft Scissors (or Regular Scissors) to cut out the words.

3. Fold the Scrapbook Paper Invitations in half so you know where the top and bottom are.

4. Using a few swipes of the glue stick, Glue the words to the bottom half of the paper invitation.

5.  Close the invitation and write your greeting on the front.

(Examples: You are Invited, Look Who is Turning 3, We are Having a Party, See Where All The Important People Will Be)

A. At this point you can add ribbon or any other embellishments to the front if you wish.

6. Slide your invitations in the envelope and mail.

I love this process because you can Make Your Own Birthday Invitation to match any party theme.

To finish off her party we decided on these  fabulous DIY Party Favors and will make them to match our theme for pennies. My daughter wants to take a picture with each guest so we are going to use Birthday Paper and Rachelle’s tip for wrapping your door like a present to make our photo stage.

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Do you Make Your Own Birthday Invitation? Share it below in the comment section!

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