How to Make an Adult Tutu

Even Grown-ups dress up and this easy how to guide will have your Adult Tutu ready in a short time.

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Finding tutus for children is as simple as going into your local dollar store but finding them in adult sizes is a little harder. This simple no-sew tutorial will have you completing your tutu in no time. Plus you can select the colors you want so you can customize it for the costume or occasion you are creating it for.

Adult Tutu DIY Steps


6 yards of Tulle (I suggest 3 colors with 2 yards each but create it as colorful or as simple as you would like)

Old Belt, 2″ elastic, or fabric (elastic or fabric should measure 6″ more than your waist)


Step One: Cut the tulle into 2 inch wide strips.  Cut along the length of the material.

Step Two: Separate your tulle strips into groups of 6 (2 colors each – if using 3 colors)

Step Three: Stretch out belt,elastic or fabric between 2 chairs or something similar. This makes tying easier.

Step Four: Measure in 3 inches from each end and mark with a safety pin or straight pin.

Step Five: If using material make a knot at the mark where the pins are located.

Step Six: Take each bundle of tulle and tie in a knot around the belt/material. Double Knot it. (If you have ever made the fleece tie blankets, you are knotting the tulle the same way.)

Step Seven: Complete this with the remaining bundles of tulle.

Step Eight: Buckle belt or tie around waist when ready to wear.


Tips: If you want an adult tutu that is not as full, reduce the amount of tulle used to 4 yards total.

adult tutu


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