September 15, 2014

Low Calorie Cheesy Bacon Dip

Low Calorie Cheesy Bacon Dip


What is better than bacon? A Low calorie Cheesy Bacon dip! This is a dip that I love to serve for the whole family! It only takes about 5 minutes to make, and is super creamy and yummy, oh and most importantly it’s low calorie! Only about 85 calories a serving!

Here is how you make this Low Calorie Cheesy Bacon Dip:


This Low Calorie Cheesy Bacon Dip is awesome for parties or any other events!

Anyone that loves cheese and bacon has to try this dip! It is so creamy, cheesy, and delicious, and I promise you will love it! And it’s only 85 calories a serving! (A serving size is 3 tablespoons). I highly recommend using a blender for this recipe, because it will give it great consistency that you can’t really get from hand mixing.   I personally use a Blentec and it is the best blender I’ve ever used! Here is a link to it so you can check it out:

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