March 20, 2013

Love, Laughter, Heartbreak and Tears-Emotions of a Furry Foster Parent

Being a Furry Foster Parent isn’t always easy

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The picture sums up all the emotions I felt yesterday when we welcomed 7 little puppies into the world. A week ago we took in a pregnant female who was going to be put down because she was pregnant and they couldn’t care for her. She was only 9 months old. The rescue we foster and volunteer with said they could take her if we could foster. So we added another dog to our house. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster, 1 snake and a fish of our own. I was also a furry foster parent to 2 other dogs. I told my husband I was trying to see how many living things we can fit in 900 square feet. I should be happy he loves me because he puts up with my craziness.

Momma Coral did well delivering her pups. Unfortunately Pup #5 (Athena) was the runt of the litter and came out without her sac or placenta. She was given a bad start at life. She required an emergency vet visit yesterday morning and we were told that only time would tell if she would make it. I committed to trying everything to keep little Athena alive. I spent the next 12 hours with her on my chest surrounded by a heating pad to keep her warm and by dinner time she seemed to be holding her own. I was tube feeding her and she was having bowel movements. She even gained a little weight during the day.

She made us laugh when she pooped down my sisters shirt while we were eating dinner. She stole our hearts and she curled up against us for comfort and warmth. Then without warning she started throwing up and struggling to breathe. We jumped in the car and my husband drove to the emergency vet while I tried everything possible to keep her clear and give her air. Nothing worked and I struggled to hold back tears as I handed her to the vet tech. The downside of being a furry foster parent, tore thru my heart at that moment.

My tears flowed freely as I waited for the words that I knew were coming. My heart was touched when a woman who was leaving stopped to offer her condolences as she had just lost her pet as well. In that moment the kindness of a stranger and the mutual feeling of loss overwhelmed me. I cried for her, I cried for Athena, I cried for Momma Coral and I cried for myself. I felt defeated and deflated as we drove home. My husband made the calls to the Rescue owner, our friend, and my mom. Everyone had been praying and hoping for the best all day and now they had to hear the bad news as well. I couldn’t post in our Foster Group so my friend agreed to let everyone know for me.

The kind words I read later from one furry foster parent to another when I went on still bring tears to my eyes. I eventually went in to Momma Coral and the questioning look as she tried to figure out where here other baby was made me lose it again. She left her pups and came to me as if to say she understood.We sat there together for a few minutes as I cried. I then curled up next to her box as she nursed the other 6 puppies and witnessed the love and care she gave them. She is just a puppy herself thrust into the world of being a Momma Dog and she is giving it everything she has.

I was ready to give up on being a furry foster parent last night and told my husband and my mom that I was done. I told them that I can’t take the pain or sadness anymore. Today the sky is still grey in my heart but there are some rays of sunshine breaking through. The kind words of friends,family, and other foster parents have helped to lessen the pain that I feel in my heart. I know that for every tear I shed as a furry foster parent,  there will be a smile and a laugh to counterbalance. I know losing a pet will never get easier but knowing that 7 other dogs had a chance because Momma Coral wasn’t put down is enough to make me keep going another day.

This is why I love being a Furry Foster Parent!

furry foster parent

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This picture represents why adopting from an animal rescue is so important. Don’t these dogs deserve a second chance! I  volunteer and am a furry foster parent with Home Fur Ever Rescue If you are looking for a pet or want to be a furry foster parent check Petfinder for a local Animal Rescue in your area.


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