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Losing Weight Tip

Losing Weight Tip

Losing Weight Tip: Finding Success through Support….

Seventy-nine days ago I began my journey toward better health and well-being. As of today I have lost 42 pounds and feel wonderful. Some have asked me what made this time different than the numerous times I’ve attempted this in the past. At times it seems all so simple, and others it’s so complicated that I can’t think straight. So what is it that has found its way into my life and helped me achieve not only weight loss success but a healthy lifestyle that enables me to be a healthy happy me? Support.

Having a good support system is a key element in achieving success when working toward a lifestyle change. For me, dealing with my food addiction I realize that the urge to binge or over eat will always be an ever present thought resting somewhere in the back of my mind. I hope it remains at the back of my mind, but once in a while I find myself filled with thoughts of potato chips, cupcakes, pudding, French fries and soda. Once in a while I find myself sad because this new lifestyle change is difficult; it’s really really hard. And, if left on my own without a strong dedicated support system I would find myself in a heap of trouble. I have come to realize that I cannot do this all by myself. If I were to be completely honest, I would admit that quite often I feel powerless and overwhelmed.

It’s during those tough times that I have to make a decision to stay focused and continue making healthy food choices or give in and fill myself with sadness and regret. Being human, I have the ability to make the wrong choice and fall face down into the pantry filling myself with empty calories and regret. Knowing that all of this failure is a big possibility I have found it necessary to surround myself with a strong support system; a group of people who love me enough to support me with love and encouragement and the occasion reality check; a swift kick in the pants when necessary. Quite often what I need is someone to tell me what I need to hear without all of the fluffy stuff.

My support system includes family, extended family and close friends. My husband David is by far my biggest fan. His steadfast support and encouragement pushes me to be the best me I can be. Always there to soften the blows that life throws at me David has stood by me for over 25 years and continues to love and support me in all that I do. My children are excited by the transformation that is taking place within me. Having never known their momma to be anything other than overweight, their excitement and pride in the success I am having not only encourages me to stay focused, but also reminds me of just how far I have come. Reaching beyond my family is a select group of extended family and friends who are always there to lend an ear, re-direct my thoughts or whisper a prayer for strength. I rely on those folks to help keep me focused, remind me of my goals and knock me off of my pity pot when necessary. Being a strong support doesn’t always mean being sugary sweet; sometimes it takes a bit of toughness to prove a point. I need that; they provide that for me.

Whether you are working toward a weight loss goal or striving to improve your overall health I encourage you to surround yourself with strong positive support. Eliminating negativity is a great way to lighten the load of life and enhance your overall health.

The journey continues…


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