April 13, 2014

Logitech Smart Keyboard Exclusively at Best Buy

Logitech Smart Keyboard Exclusively at Best Buy

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Logitech Keyboard front

Our electronics are constantly allowing us to do new things and with the invention of Smart Tvs we can browse the internet without using our computers. However, typing is a problem when you are using a remote or a controller. There is no need to worry or try to learn an easier way because there is now the Logitech Harmony Keyboard which connects to your device and allows you the convenience of a keyboard to control more than a computer. The Logitech Harmony Keyboard  is available exclusively at Best Buy and promises to deliver the full Harmony control experience for TV connected Internet and home entertainment devices. 

Logitech Keyboard and app image

Logitech Smart Keyboard     

   Harmony Smart Keyboard makes enjoying digital media in your living room easier than ever. The specially designed keyboard simplifies text entry on internet-connected entertainment  devices. Touch the “Movie” Activity button and the right devices switch  to the right settings. Plus, it has integrated DVR and set-top box controls, playback and volume buttons, and a touchpad  for cursor control on a PC or Mac.

Logitech Smart Keyboard Features

3 one-touch activity button

PC, TV, Movies

Short and long presses provide 6 total activities

Integrate touchpad for cursor control on PC or Mac

Media/Cable/DVR playback controls

Harmony Hub controls devices behind cabinets or walls

IR, RF, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Simple smartphone setup

Harmony App turns iOS & Android smartphones into personal universal remote

The Logitech Smart Keyboard is very sleek and compact and doesn’t require a lot of space. It is also wireless which makes it easy to use it where you want to. The Logitech Smart Keyboard will give you back control of the devices that you love. This dynamic keyboard is available ONLY at Best Buy for a limited time.

Take back control of your devices and purchase your Logitech Smart Keyboard  today.

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