January 28, 2013

Lightening McQueen Bed

Lightening McQueen Bed

Lightening McQueen Bed

I was on the hunt recently for a Big Boy bed. I found this great Lightening McQueen Bed. We have the blue race car from little tikes and it is on its 4th child without any sign of wear. We received it from a friend that also had two boys. I highly suggest if you are looking for a bed to transition your child to that you check out Little Tikes. Their products are affordable and durable. They are worthy of passing on. The are unique and cool and a cars bed is totally awesome. I was surprised by the selection that Little Tikes has now. They have a cool pirate bed. I wish they made one in my size.

Big Boy Bed

big boy bed

Lightening McQueen Bed

The red hot Lightening Bed would have been perfect for my son if we didn’t have the blue bed already. I am actually thinking of painting it read and trying to make it look like the Lightening McQueen bed. That is actually how I came across this super deal. The Little Tikes Lightening McQueen bed is not only on sale but there is currently Free shipping.  The best things about these beds is they are easy to take care. I believe that after your child is done you can remove the bed and use it for toy storage or sell it because it will last for longer than your child will fit into it. It is easy to put together and easy to move.

If you are looking for a big boy bed or want to know when to transition your child from bed to crib you can read my post on when I knew to move my child from bed to crib. It was a big decision but one I am glad I made. Taking him in and out of the crib was hurting my back and he just loves his big boy car bed.

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