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July 15, 2014

7 Tips to Save Dollars at Kroger Grocery Store

Kroger Grocery Store

Kroger Grocery Store

1. Kroger Grocery Store operates 2,642 grocery stores in 34 states. You have to know how to shop smart, watch the ads for sales, and don’t forget to sign up for the Kroger plus card.  Start by getting the Kroger plus card at the service desk all you have to do is fill out a short form.  Be sure you bring this card card each time you shop so you can get the great sale prices. It is important to register your card at the Kroger website. Once it is registered you can add coupons from their site.

2. To maximize your savings, register for Kroger’s mailing list.  sure to register for their mailing list. This is a great way to get coupons mailed to you. They send you personalized coupons based on your shopping habits which is also a big reason to be sure to scan your card each time you shop.

Earning Points with the Kroger Card

3. With the Kroger card, you also earn points each time you shop. These points add up each month and help you save on gas at Kroger and Shell gas stations. For each $1 you spend you earn 1 point. After spending $100 and earning 100 points in one month you can save $0.10 per gallon of gas at the pump.

Start with the Sale Items

4. Kroger offers some fantastic sales. They have Mega Events just about once a month as well as some great 10 for $10 deals. Remember you do not have to buy all 10 of one item to get them for $1 each. Typically with the Mega Event sales you buy 10 participating items to get them each for $1. There are generally a lot of items included in the sale at various prices, and you can mix & match the different products.

5. Some of the best places to save big at Kroger are the manager specials. Typically each section of the store has their own spot for manager specials. You can save big if you learn where your local store has their manager special sections. These items are usually getting close to their expiration date , therefore you will need to use them quickly if you buy them. Just be sure to thoroughly inspect the items to be sure you don’t get an item that has already spoiled. It is also a great idea to talk to the different people that work in each department. You can talk to the meat department and see what days and times they put out the new specials.

Using Coupons at Kroger

6. Coupons are always great to use when your wanting to save money. At Kroger you can usually find some super deals if you watch the ads and stack your coupons. If you see an item that is part of the mega event and will be just $1 and you have a coupon for $0.35 off that item then you will end up paying only $0.65 for the item.

7. Be sure to check out the Kroger coupon policy so you know exactly what to expect. It is always a good idea to print off the policy and have it on hand at the store just in case there is any confusion at the check out.

Kroger Grocery Store Coupon Policy

Find out what you need to know about KROGER’S Coupon Policy

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Do you have tips on how to save at Kroger Grocery Store? Share it with us below.

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