Kings Dominion Soak City

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the opening of Kings Dominion Soak City and received complimentary passes but all opinions in this post are mine.

Kings Dominion Soak City

Kings Dominion Soak City

I was so excited to attend the opening of Kings Dominion’s Soak City in Doswell, Virginia as their guest. I couldn’t get my children to leave so I would like to mention that was our only issue. I was there one hour after I was supposed to leave because my children were having such a wonderful time that I kept falling victim to the just one more ride.

We were the first people to try out the new water amenities. I think people forget that you get two parks for one price. I can’t tell you how nice and refreshing it is to be able to take a dip in their wave pools. They have two Tidal Wave Bay and Big Wave Bay. Then they added a great Splash Island targeted to their younger guest.

Kings Dominion Soak City

Splash Island features include small slides and multiple jets of streaming water that spray up from the ground, as well as overhead. There is also a great place to move water. This was a huge hit with my children. Please, note that your children will drop their clothes, water bottles, and shoes where ever they are and run to this attraction.

Kings Dominion Soak City

The next water slide is aimed at children that are a little taller, it features lifeguards that will ask you your swim level before allowing you to chose a slide. They have slides that are a little slower and the lifeguard at the top communicate with the person at the bottom to warn them that there may be a swimmer that requires additional assistance, as a parent I loved this. I have kids that think they know but they may not be prepared for the slide. Kings Dominion does care about your families safety and enjoyment and I say that every step of the way.

Oh MY! That is all that can be said about their newest slide experience. The Hurricane Heights includes everything. I mean everything. I do not have in any action photos because I put my camera in the newly designed lockers that have enough room for you to stand and your children to be near you. Anyway back to the awesome.

NEW – Hurricane Heights is a mega-slide tower standing 65 feet tall and housing 6 total slides including the following:

Paradise Plunge: thrill-seekers will step into one of three chambers and wait anxiously for the floor to drop out from underneath their feet, sending them in a high-speed, almost vertical free fall through a series of loops and s-curves in a translucent flume
Aqua Blast: riders are sent twisting and spiraling through an enclosed chute featuring four intense 360-degree loops across 449 feet of slide before they’re dropped out into a pool of water
Thunder Falls: a wet and wild adventure awaits guests as they climb onto a raft before being launched down a series of intense drops and turns

Kings Dominion Soak City

So the food let me tell you about the food. They have these upgraded cabanas. The food is amazing. I mean gourmet food you might as well go take your kids for days of fun and then have a great experience yourself. They have free wifi and are quite relaxing. I had to test them out with my best girl.

Kings Dominion Soak City

Note: This my Real Advice Gal tip: find a bathing suit that doesn’t travel north when you travel south. They make bathing suits with skirts or those board shirts. They will prove invaluable when you take the plunge down these sensational experiences which I suggest you try everyone of them at least once.

“We’re proud to remain home to Virginia’s premiere water park destination. We love being able to offer a two-park experience for the price of one,” Jones said.

Soak City is open daily May 23 through September 7. More information about Kings Dominion and Soak City can be found at

PS: Again please note the TWO for ONE. You know I like a great deal you can ride the coaster and soak city for the same price. SCORE!

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