Karla’s Korner – Focus: Finding Clarity and Purpose


Focus: Finding Clarity and Purpose

This past week I took my daughter to the eye doctor for a routine exam. While I had been to this eye doctor before, this was her first time there. She was immediately set at ease when the friendly staff welcomed her and made her comfortable. As I attempted to wait patiently for her I caught glimpses of her as she went from one room to the next for various procedures; she finally came out and sat down next to me. She had just had her eyes dilated and was unable to focus on anything. As she attempted to look at frames for her new glasses it was clear that her vision was distorted and that she must trust that the technician and I were being honest as she tried on frame after frame. Since the glasses will merely be a backup to her contact lenses she wasn’t extremely worried about the choice but wanted to make sure they were attractive on her face; naturally as her momma I believe she looks beautiful in anything but she insisted on a second opinion.

The exam was over, the frames had been chosen; I paid the bill and we left for the car. Several times on our trek down the hall to the elevator and out the door to the parking lot my girl shared with me that her eyes were still not focusing properly and it was bothering her a bit. Assuring her that it was temporary we hopped in the car and headed back across town to her dorm. As she kissed me good-bye and hopped out of my car I called out the window and told her to be careful and make sure her eyes were back in focus before she went anywhere. “Take it easy” I called out as I pulled away and headed home.

The ride home gave me time alone with my thoughts; something that often clouds the vision of my heart and mind. The sun was nearly set, and the moon hung like a beacon in the evening sky as I wound my way home on the back country roads. Once in a while the lights of an oncoming car would temporarily blur my vision causing me to slow with caution and re-focus on the road. It was on this ride home alone with my thoughts that I realized just how quickly we can lose focus on our lives. Life is so full of chaos and responsibility it’s easy to lose focus on what is really important.

This past week I accepted the gift of a challenge to take control of my weight and become healthier. As daunting as this challenge seemed at first I knew that in order to feel better physically and emotionally I needed to take this step and take charge of my physical health; which will in turn benefit my emotional self as well. In sharing my journey on social media I was touched when a friend shared with me that he was proud of me for making myself a priority. As our conversation continued he shared that “It’s like flying on a plane, and the safety message before you take off says should the cabin lose pressure, an oxygen mask will drop down overhead. Place the mask over YOURSELF first before you attempt to help others.” In order for me to be beneficial to those around me I must take care of me first. My friend promised to follow me on this journey encouraging me to stay focused on what was important. Ridding my body of the excess weight is only a bi-product of what the real meaning behind my accepting this challenge is. I need to stay focused on my health to ensure that I will be around as long as I can for those who love and care for me; and to care for those I love as well. There is so much I want to do, so much I need to do and the time has come for me to kick the poor choices to the curb and start living the life I was meant to live. I am re-focusing.

What is it that causes you to lose focus in your life? Is it food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or some other distraction that clouds your vision and leaves you searching for peace in all the wrong places? I encourage you to spend time with your thoughts and figure out what has gotten in your way of happiness and fulfillment and then begin taking steps toward the life you want and deserve.

For so many years I drowned my emotions with food because it made me feel better for a while; it was merely a band aid to my problems. Now I’ve ripped the band aid off and while it hurts a little the healing has begun. It’s been seven days since I made an unhealthy food choice and while I know the road ahead is filled with bumps and temptations I also know that my support system is strong; I am not alone. With each passing day I find myself getting stronger feeling more confident knowing that as the needle on the scale begins to fall, the eyes of my heart and soul will be opened to the life that I deserve. Famed motivational speaker and former Ohio politician Les Brown once said “You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.” I’ve made the decision to get out of my own way and clear the path to a healthier happier life. What’s standing in your way?



I am proud to introduce a new column to Madame Deals! I think we all need a touch point a place we can go to be inspired. Karla is my children’s teacher, a good friend, and a person with a heart of gold. I hope that her words will inspire you to do more. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. It is important to listen with your heart and proceed with your eyes open. Enjoy!

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