June 16, 2013

June Small Business Showcase- Grace Adele Review

Grace Adele offers the only Purse you will Ever Need

grace adele

Grace Adele Review

I am always swapping out my purse because I get bored with how it looks. I had recently tried another companies purse with changeable covers. This was great in theory because I could always have a different purse design without changing everything. It did not last long because the size of the bag and lack of storage options left everything a big mess and caused me to dump out my purse on more than one occasion to find something I needed.

grace adele

I received the Cora Black Purse, Shay Orange Clutch and Tendril Clip on Charm to review.

I couldn’t wait to straighten up the mess and quickly fell in love with the Cora Black Purse. There are over 5 zippered/snapped compartments and a spot for your cell phone. I also like the extra pocket that you can use for pens or lipstick. Too many bags only have one pocket and I like to keep pens and lipstick handy. It was simple to get everything organized and stored away. The clutch slips neatly into the outer bocket and provides a pop of color. It is also great because you can keep your wallet, cards and must have items in there so when you need to go in a flash you can slip it out and be on your way. I clipped the charm on the zipper pull to the main compartment and loved the way it added a splash of shine and character. I proudly carried my purse thru the hospital and grocery store knowing I could find anything in just seconds.

The Cora Black Purse has a long adjustable strap so you can wear it as a cross bag or a shoulder bag. The Clutch also comes with a thin handle so you can secure it on your shoulder and free up your hands. All these options provide for numerous purse options without ever changing bags. This is the premise behind Grace Adele and they even sell jewelry for you to match your bag. Now your accessories can match in just the matter of minutes.

grace adele

Grace Adele has an Ultimate Deal: 18 Looks for only $155 with 5 Products

Start shopping for the last purse you will ever need at Grace Adele!

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