June 16, 2013

June Small Business Showcase – doTERRA Review

Find out the Benefits of  Essential Oils in this doTerra Review

doterra review

My Essential Oils doTerra Review

This week has been a very crazy week at our house. It left me frazzled and ready to pull out my hair. I was stressed over how I was going to get things done and get enough sleep. When the essentials oil arrived for me to review, I was instantly drawn to the Lavender and Peppermint Oils. The box came with a list of recommendations and suggestions for using each of the oils. For a few nights before bed I applied a few drops of Lavender Oil on my wrists. I tend to sleep with my hands near my face so it was the perfect place for application. I went to sleep with the comforting smells and slept like a baby.

What I liked about the Lavender Essential Oil was its pure smell. I have smelled other essential oils and felt they were “perfumey” and not simply a light essence. The Introduction set also came with an information booklet and CD. This is very helpful to people who are new to essential oils. doTerra also has a coding system so you know how their oils need to be applied and the skin sensitivity level.

Application Method




Skin Sensitivity

N-Neat (no dilution needed)

s- Sensitive (dilute for young or sensitive skin)

D-Dilute (dilute for using topically)

The Usage Guide and Package list also include a list of ideas and recommendations that you can  use each essential oil for. A few of my  favorite recommendation for the oils I received are as follows.

Use Lavender Oil  to calm diaper rash.

Lemon Oil can be added to olive oil and used as a natural furniture polish.

Keep the munchies at bay with a whiff of Peppermint Oil to make you feel full. 

doterra review


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