June 16, 2013

June Small Business Showcase – Arbonne Review

Arbonne Product Review


I have a favorite product from Arbonne and my husband uses it just as much as I do. It is the Arbonne Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub. This is perfect for dry skin on hands, elbows and feet. I leave it outside my shower so that it is right there when I need it. When I received my package of  products, I couldn’t wait to dive in and try out the different items. What I liked about the individual sets was that it allowed me to try each product for a few days. I liked this over trying one product because I was able to judge what would work for me best. The Arbonne products I received included the following:

Vanilla and Chocolate Protein Shakes

 Lip Polish (set of 6 samples)

 Revelage Brightening Cream 4 products (Trial Set)

 RE9 Advanced 3 products (Trial Set)

 +FC5 4 products (Trial Set)

 Seasource Detox Spa 3 products (Trial Set)

Seasource Detox Spa Purifying Sea Soak 

 I enjoyed trying all the products I received and who doesn’t like a little daily pampering. Someone has to do it and I will let it be me. I was a little hesitant about the +FC5 shampoo and body wash because they do not foam up like the products I normally use. I am aware that the foaming is there to make us “think” it cleans better so I kept reminding myself of this. After I washed and shampooed my hair, I was impressed with the softness and ease of styling. My skin felt soft all day and nicely moisturized. I am hooked on the +FC5 products and they are right up there with the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub.

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