September 23, 2015

JORD Wood Watch Review

Disclosure: I received a JORD Watch for this review but all opinions in this post are mine.

JORD Wood Watch Review

JORD Wood Watch Review

As each year goes by I try and get my husband a different and unique gift to celebrate one more year being married together. We will be married seven years this October. I wanted to get him a new watch because with he has had the same watch since before we were married. He has a work watch as well, but it’s not a watch we can dress up for a nice evening and match. When I started researching unique watches that is when I discovered JORD Wood Watches! It was a wooden watch! Not just any kind of wooden watch but these are finest, luxury and all-natural. But more importantly they are hand crafted which means they are made well!!


My husband loves modern looks and this watch is just that and I know will fit him and his personality perfectly! The watch is so slick and sleek! And Sharp!! It has a sapphire crystal glass face. The wood is also treated with lemon and orange oil to help keep this watch clean from years to come!  It will make the perfect gift! They even have watches for women too! With over 30 watches to choose from, you can easily find the perfect watch for that special someone! The prices are also extremely affordable and comparable to just the average watch. After choosing the Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood Dover series watch for my husband and seeing it in person, I know this was the right decision for our anniversary! I think he will be very impressed!

JORD Wood Watch Review

One thing that I was also impressed was how many sizes they had to choose from. I am a planner and measured his wrist two month ago giving some crazy reason, that way I would get a perfect fit for the big reveal! I also really love that there are no batteries! I kill batteries so this was a huge plus. JORD watches are all self-winding automatic! I know he will love that as well.

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