Items that I am saving for

Okay so what motivates me to save? I mean we all have wants and needs. Yes, I could buy most of these items right this minute. I have more credit than necessary however that doesn’t me I can afford them.
I started my own account with ING just for me.

This is how I got my $50

I made $3 worth of purchases and they sent me $50. I put every penny that I have left over each month into this account.

I decided I had to have some goals in mind to keep my spending in check. I put away for my children each month for their college but I have dreams as well. Yes, some are frankly not necessary items and some are things that have a purpose.

When you have goals you should give yourself a timeline

6 months -1 year

1 year -3 years



I love these boots but for the price these Deborah Frye boots are on my wish list.



1-5 years



5-10 years


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