October 13, 2015

Iams Visible Differences in Spankie

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Iams Visible Differences in Spankie

It’s been nearly six weeks since our family made the decision to give our dog Spankie the gift of improved health by making the switch to Iams quality dog food. We chose Iams Proactive Health for mature dogs and are quite pleased with the changes we are seeing in Spankie’s overall health and wellness. You can read our story and the reasons why we decided to switch Spankie to IAMS here. Since the change we are quite pleased with Spankie’s adaptability to the new food.  From the moment we began the transition Spankie devoured every morsel.  Quite often Spankie deals with dry skin and will scratch and lick the itchy spots.  Since switching to Iams his itchy spots have improved meaning less licking and scratching; a welcomed relief.  Spankies coat feels and looks healthier and shinier as well.  Brushing his thick fur is always a struggle and lately the struggle has decreased.  Iams bases all of their products on the idea that the best quality ingredients create the best quality pet food ensuring the best opportunity for optimal health for your pet.

Spankie’s energy level has escalated as well and his playfulness has increased.  He loves to play and has been soliciting play time more often by bringing his ball or stuffed toys to us to play with him, watch his video here.  Afternoon walks have become longer as we have noticed Spankies endurance has increased. Because of his increased energy and subsequent activity levels Spankie is easier to settle in for the night and wake up ready to take on each new day.  

Since switching to Iams Spankies overall digestive health has improved.  His “back end” performance produces a more “solid” outcome.   Instead of “going” three, four and sometimes more times a day he now goes less often with better results.  

As we continue on our journey with Iams we are excited to see Spankie’s overall health and wellness further improve.  Including Spankie in our journey to our own health and wellness has proven to be a great benefit to him and to us as he is a happier, healthier member of our family.  I encourage you to make the switch to Iams and see Iams Visible Differences. Watch your pet(s) become the best version of themselves they can be.  A healthier pet is a happier pet and a happier pet makes happier pet owners.

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