February 22, 2013

I am going on a Trip…


We are going on a trip. We need it. We have had more fake snow days then I can count and I need to get my children out of the house. In fact I need to get out of the house. That is the problem with working at home. Let’s play a game so you can figure out where I am going. I am going on a trip and I am bringing or hoping for:
A apples for snack
B bathing suit
C clothes
D Dolls
E Eye wear
F Fun
H Hair Brush
I I Pad
J Juice Boxes
K Kids
L Lounge Chair
M Mountain
N Never a dull moment
O Ocean Like Waves
P plugs for my ears
Q Quiet
R Resort
S Surfing
T Tubes
U Umbrellas
V Victory after each slide
W water Bottle crafts: Search Game
X xi hours of fun if you get there at 11:00
Y Yeah!
Z Zipping around on a slide

Where am I going? I am taking the kids to Massanutten Resort!  We are very excited to go to an indoor water park it is just What we need to reconnect and build long lasting memories. I look forward to posting pictures as soon as they become available. I was provide tickets to Massanutten after I reached out to them because my children want to visit their resort all opinions of their resort will be mine. I will give you the details but from the looks of it we are going to have a great time! Follow me on twitter @madamedeals for my findings since they have wifi and I have a water proof Iphone and ipad case!

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