March 27, 2014

My Husband and I have nothing in common…and that’s ok!

My Husband and I have nothing in common…and that’s ok!



I find that inspiration from blogging can come from anywhere, something I saw on TV, funny things my little girl does, or conversations with my husband like the one I had this morning. It was a simple conversation about the way we liked a certain food cooked. Every morning (err…afternoon for most people, my husband works nights) we watch The Chew together before my husband has to leave for work, we use this time to catch up and watch people that are way better at cooking then me make awesome food. As we were playfully arguing about the “correct” way to fry a chicken I came to a sudden realization…..

My husband and I have nothing in common!

Like, nothing. We don’t have the same political or religious views , we don’t like the same movies or music (minus a few movies/songs every now and then), or the same hobbies. I like crafting, he likes jumping out of airplanes. I have a wide range of music I like, when he likes techno (which I can’t stand) and hard rock (which I do like, but not the same bands he does for the most part). He loves Math and Science, while I’m more English and History.  So I started to think, is this normal? Is it healthy to be in a relationship with someone that doesn’t share similar interests as you do? The answer is, Yes! 



As you can tell from the photo above, even physically we aren’t alike, I am short and *ahem* thick, and he is tall and skinny. When we first met everyone told us it would never work, and I started to believe them. But hey, after 6 years together, 2 of them married, and a beautiful little girl 2 wrongs can make a right!  Of course it is challenging being with something who sees the world differently than you do, and we argue about world views, what to watch, what to listen to in the car, and anything else you can imagine, but we are in love, and sometimes that’s all you need to make it work!

I think variety is the spice of life, and we must remember this when our spouse doesn’t agree with us on certain views or ideals. I wrote this post as a little reminder to myself when I feel like my views are being attacked when they differ from my husbands, and thought maybe some of you feel the same!



And no matter what we disagree on there will always be 2 things we will always agree on, We love each other, and this little girl completes our world, so from my family to yours, It’s ok to have nothing in common, as long as there is love in your heart! 

Do you and your spouse have differing views on the world? How does it affect your relationship?

Share in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

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