January 1, 2017

How To Tackle Your Goals

365 challenge

I often wonder if a journey to a goal can be seen. I want to challenge myself not to achieve a single goal but to live my life with a daily purpose. This year I am choosing to be happy. I am choosing to make choices that will result in happiness. I am choosing to look at the half full glass the silver lining. I am determined not to look at the bad in an event but the lesson it taught me.

Some may say to live your life without looking at the negative is dangerous. I say living your life without finding the meaning is more dangerous.

I will document each day of my journey with the finer points of life. I will start my day with a mantra of gratitude and I will conclude my day with a couple of notes, quotes, or images that helped me stay on my goal. I will in 365 days transform my way of thinking.

I hope you will join my as I make lemonade out of lemons by doing the following:

  1. Trying
  2. Trying again if it doesn’t work
  3. Seeking truth
  4. Looking for good
  5. Being someone who does good
  6. Simplifying your life so you can enjoy it
  7. Addressing the areas in your life that you are concerned about with plans
  8. Not beating yourself up over failed plans but rather giving yourself permission to fail and start again as many times as necessary
  9. Embracing your unique talents
  10. Taking care of yourself first

Here are a couple of ways I am getting my life in order.

  1. I am taking care of myself by working out. We have a free walking printable if you want a tracking sheet.
  2. I am saving for the future of my children with the 52-week money savings challenge
  3. I am meal planning. I will put up my weekly meal plan which will help me save time and money.
  4. I am getting rid of things I do not need. I am reading this book The magic of tidying up.
  5. I am getting healthier by drinking more water! We have a printable to help you with that! Water weight loss printable.

Day 1: Jan 1, 2017-

Today, I start my journey in being positive. I am looking through my life with those lenses. I am clearing out the thoughts of what could be and enjoy what there is.  I was woken up three times once by each child who wanted to tell me Happy New Year and give me a kiss. I spent the rest of the day getting my finances in order and then I went to play basketball and tennis with the kids. I finally completed some work and snuggled up with a kid in one arm and a book in the other.

Day 2: Jan 2, 2017

I am grateful I have a business that is operated correctly and profitably. I find that so many businesses operate in the red even when they do not have to.  Because I make good decisions, I was able to help someone who needed a job and mentor someone who wants to begin the blogging process.  I sent her to this blogging class which opens in February the Elite Blogging Academy. It is the class I wish I would have seen before I worked so hard to figure it all out. Today was a super day filled with opportunities.

Day 3: Jan 3, 2017

I had the day out with my children. I had to do a photoshoot for work, and I brought my kids with me. When we were in the store, my youngest noticed all the Valentine stuff. He wanted to know when the holiday was. I told him. Then he asked if I would be his Valentine. I always hope my kids love me as much as they do now. They get up, and they run to our room to kiss us good morning. If I leave for an hour to go the gym when I come home, they greet me like I have been on a trip for weeks. The find numerous excuses to get extra hugs and kisses. I am grateful for each and everyone well maybe the exception is when I am trying to go to the bathroom by myself. We did talk about not bothering mommy when the door is closed. In my son’s words, it was the best day ever. I say each day with my family is the best day ever!

amee cantagallo

Day 4 1/4/17

Today was the day I got to see two people achieve their dreams. One became a Captain in the Navy and the other a CRNA. It always makes me happy to see the people that I adore achieve the goals that they set for themselves. The something good in my personal life was I was teasing my husband. He has awful luck, so I told him not to bother buying a lottery ticket. He told me the worst thing that could ever happen would be if I left him. That would just be the worst. I let him know that usually, the guy passes before the woman. I guess it was one of those things you had to be there for. I am so lucky to be married to someone that would be lost without me.

Day 5 1/5/17

The best thing that happened to me is the same thing that happens every day. I woke up. Then I went to the gym. I haven’t been for awhile, and I was greeted by all my friends. It was so nice to see everyone. I find that each day I am reminded that you have the power to create change by being kind. It is a lesson I hope my children learn and teach their children.

Day 6-

A night out with friends. It is always good to get out and enjoy the people in your life. We had a lot of laughs, good food, and I learned more about each person.

Day 7 1/7/17

Let it snow, let it snow. It did, and I did nothing but work. Yuck! The good news is I did get some cooking done and watch football with my children. I enjoy spending time with them no matter what we are doing together.

Day 8

The best moment of the day was when my kids sat and watched football with me. I had one to the right and one to the left and the little one had to sit on my lap because he needed to be there. I just can’t imagine a day without their love!!

kids in the snow

Day 9- We went sledding rather they went sledding it was a day filled with giggles and fun. The best moment of today was when we ate dinner together and my kids figured out a stork does not deliver babies. We didn’t go into where they come out but we do now know mom carried each one of them in my belly.

Day 10- They all look forward to hanging out with me even if that mean crowding on the couch together. There are legs, heads, arms, and feet everywhere but we laugh and eat popcorn. That is what life is about.

Day 11-I was told I was the best mom in the world even though I have rules.

Day 12- I made the time to go out to eat with my husband. He always makes me laugh. I can’t imagine not hearing his laugh daily it is magical music to my ears.


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