May 3, 2014

How To Save on Pet Care

How To Save on Pet Care

how to save on pet care

We love our pets and would do anything for them and that includes getting them proper care. Sometimes this care adds up and can put a drain on the wallet.  However, there are many ways to save on pet care that allow you to keep money in your wallet and still pamper your pet. 

How to Save on Pet Care

  • Be Prepared Before you adopt. This cannot be stressed enough to new pet owners to be aware how much a pet can cost on an annual basis. The average dog can cost anywhere between $500 – $10,000 (according to Petfinder). The average cat can cost anywhere between $300-$5000 (according to Petfinder). Making sure you are prepared for these costs ahead of time will save you from having to surrender your pet down the road when you can no longer afford it.
  • Spay or Neuter your pet. This will prevent any litters, which will cost more money for proper care during the mom’s pregnancy and help prevent health and behaviour problems (in both males and females.) This does not have to be expensive as many areas offer low cost spay and neutering services.
  • Buy your Pet Food and Treats in Bulk.  Figure out the price per pound and go with the cheapest price per pound option. Also shop around pet stores or retail stores for sales and know what is the best price for the brand and flavor that you buy. If you find a great deal stock up with an extra bag or two.
  • Don’t always buy medication at your vet. The vet’s office often will mark up the price of medication. You can often get most pet medications at your local pharmacy for cheaper. Before you agree to buy it at the vet’s office, call your local pharmacy and ask how much it will be. If it is cheaper, have them write you a prescription for the medication. They may offer you the prescription from them for the same price instead. If not fill it at the local pharmacy and save.
  • Evaluate your pet’s need for Pet Insurance. Some animals are more prone to illness than others and are better candidates for pet insurance. The cost of the pet insurance may be more than you will use during the year, so you may be better off saving that money and using it towards vet bills. Consider how much you have spent in previous years with the cost of the pet insurance and see if it is saving you money or costing you money.
  • Get Preventative Care. Just like a human needs preventative care, our pets need to have preventative care. This makes sure that they are healthy and can catch problems we are not aware of. This also includes keeping them up to date on Heart Worm Preventative and Vaccines. Speak with your vet about how often they should be vaccinated as new studies are showing they may not need to be vaccinated every year.
  • Make Your Own Dog Treats. This is also a way to make sure they are getting healthy dog treats. Our dogs love when we make their treats and will sit and wait till they are done. We have many great recipes and you can check them all out in our Pet Recipes.

These are simple ways to Save on Pet Care that will make a noticeable effect on your wallet. Start implementing these changes today and spend less time worrying about paying for your pet tomorrow.

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