How to Plan the Best Summer

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how to plan the best summer?

I give in. I am not sure how parents homeschool and try to work. I am unable to work while my three kids are home for Spring break. That makes me wonder what I am going to do this summer. I believe that working in your closet with a laptop although effective is a band-aid to the problem of I need quiet to write. I then had this fantastic idea on how to get my work done and still provide my children with the summer they want. I’m sharing with you my tips on how to plan the best summer.

How to Plan the Best Summer

How to plan the best Summer

1) Make a list of all the fun things they wish to do.
2) Determine your weekly or monthly budget.
3) Figure out the dates that you have to do certain things like family vacations.
4) Research local events and their times.
6) Write a list of all the things they can do while at home.
7) Get a calendar a large one or make one.
8) Look at your work calendar and determine which days and times are the busiest.
9) What are your projects that need to be done?
10) Establish times and days that can’t be messed with and place them on the calendar in red (6am-10am give me 2.5 hours to work and 1 hour to workout and 30 minutes to drive and take a shower)
This will mean the kids will handle their own breakfast (toast, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, bagels or their dad will cook for them which usually happens etc).
11) from 10:00- 3:00 I will be available for the summer at 3:00- 5:00 I will work if our activities prevent this I will schedule a work day from 6-6pm with space for feeding children but they will have to use their do at home list to make sure I get my work done. (Yes, I have children that are slightly older and we live on a safe street where I can see them from my desk.)
12) I will hire a sitter once a week so I can get all my major projects done and just have to work on my email box and social media early int he morning and at 7pm.
13) After we established our most do activities and dates then go back in and list three possible choices for each day in between. This way the children will have something to look forward to and you can prepare for the next day
14) Make a daily schedule that involves quiet time, alone time, reading time, and chore time. These things need to be done daily.
15) Plan days that friends are invited and days your children are free to be invited somewhere else.
16) Once a week set up snacks so the kids can easily grab them
17)Do not over plan your summer just set yourself up to be successful by having ideas and rules



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