December 9, 2015

So many shoes who knows what to do?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Payless for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

How to pick out the perfect shoes

I know you have heard that women actually have too many shoes. I say that is a fallacy. You can never have too many shoes, just not enough places to wear them all. I used to worry about my shoe issue, but that was before Payless. I can pick up two pairs for the price of one in a department store. They are on trend, and they do not break my budget. I had such a hard time deciding between the gold ones and the red ones that I bought them both. I mean why chose when you can afford two?

I will show you how your shoes can change your look. I will also remind you to head into Payless because you will be pleasantly surprised by what you can find. I have been stopped three times now by people asking me where I got my shoes. They almost fell over when I said Payless and then when I told them what I paid. They kept saying “for real”. Yes, for real I am the Real Advice Gal, and I tell the whole truth and the shoes I was wearing were Payless and they look “AMAZING!”

This is a normal outfit for me dark jeans and a silk blouse. You can see the difference in the outfits as I change the shoes.  It is an easy way to update your clothes that you have in your closet. You can make them very fancy for the holiday with little more effort by  slipping on something fabulous. I selected the  Payless black booties first because  I had them. Then I added a pair of red sparkle heels at my daughter’s insistence and a pair of gold pumps. They all changed my look from frumpy to fabulous. I will also admit I love wearing heels so I can look my husband straight in the eyes.

It isn’t hard to change your shoes and update your style. It is easy, affordable and fun and all done at your local Payless store or online. I buy my whole family shoes at Payless because there is something for everyone. They have sneakers, dance shoes, to shoes that you can wear out dancing.

I like to use the clothes I have in new ways. You can switch out your shoes to update your look. It is the easiest way to take your outfit from day to night and drab to dapper.  We all know people look at our shoes, so why not give them something to not only look at but compliment you on.

You can buy the shoes I bought online or in the store. I just love them. The only question is which one do you like best?




Make sure to check out Payless on Pinterest to see more of their fab shoe styles and fashion inspiration.

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