How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

make money blogging

The five biggest mistakes a blogger make are easy to spot if you actually make money blogging. I was surprised to find out that most bloggers do not get paid. I know shocking considering how hard it actually is.I decided to help people make money blogging by writing about how to make money blogging. I know people think you just write something and boom your email box fills with offers and money. The truth is it doesn’t you have to fill your email box through intelligence, hard work, and strategies. I would also like to add that 75% of the blogs I visit daily are full of crap. I wrote it crap. That means offers, giveaways, and spam. Do you have real content on your site? Are you speaking to your readers? If I came to your site today on the first page of your site is there evergreen content. If the answer is no then you need to write some. You can’t make money blogging if you do not have a point a view a purpose and something interesting to share. That means if you aren’t grabbing the attention of readers than you aren’t going to attract income.

How do you increase your income in 30 days? You need to get real about what you are doing and hold yourself accountable. Do you have measurable goals?

How to make money blogging

1) Your site isn’t working for you it may be working against you. What I love my site it is so cute? You need a real friend one that is going to tell you the truth. Have you studied where people click? Have you changed around your ads to the locations that people will click on them? Do you track anything? Do you watch your real time analytics? Do you have any clue if your site is helping you get paid?

2) Do you have a PR/ contact me page. I should ask this question first does your name appear anywhere on your site? Do you have a bio? Are you approachable do you stand for anything? Do you have a personality? People hire people. People do not hire cartoons. I do not care if you are not winning Ms. America anytime soon be proud of who you because are you are beautiful!

3) On this PR/ Contact me page do you have a form. Do you have a laundry list of accomplishments for people to read? Do you have a calendar of events? Do you have posts that you are proud of?

4) Do you have an elevator pitch? Do you have something that would make people want to work with you? I need to be clear here if you aren’t willing to talk about yourself you will always be broke unless you can afford to hire a PR firm.

5) What is about you that makes your site special? Yes, you need an angle. You need something that makes you stand out. Is it your expertise, the number of kids you have, your sense of humor, your ability to fold paper into 1,000 shapes?

6) What is that you intend to do when working with a brand? Have an idea think it through and be prepared to present it. Do not write a brand and treat them like Santa. They do not want your wish list they want to know what you are prepared to do for them.

7) Make connections with bloggers and brands and build relationships. The most important thing to your business is the people that you meet and the people with whom you work.

8) Set up a calendar of what you intend to post on your site and publish the calendar.

9) Come up with a strategy for your site. How can you make more money?

10) Understand time is money if you are wasting time then you are wasting money. You need to determine where you are spending your time and what are the results of the time you have spent in that area?

This brings us to how you are going to increase your income in 30 days?

If you want to increase your income in 30 days the first thing you have to do is determine what you make. You need to put together a spreadsheet with what your income sources are and what you have made over the last 30 days. Use every resource you have available to you to gather this info, be it old sales reports, tax papers, etc. In fact, you can find a fantastic array of free tax calculators and finance resources on the web. Then you need to go into your Google analytics and figure out what you sold this time last year or why people came to your site last year. What you do not have a last year? How about last month or over the last three months? Where is your traffic coming from? Is it pinterest? Great find a way to use your Pinterest traffic to create a paying customer.

The next thing you need to do if figure out how who to contact. I know gasp. You have to do some work here. This isn’t the government if you aren’t making money your aren’t going to receive any. You have to make your own opportunities. I look over highly successful sites and I figure out how they are getting paid. Then I figure out how I can use my talents and my site to provide additional income.

You need to come up with an idea using the information above. You will need a concept to sell. What is it you want to accomplish? What do you want to do to make money? Do you want to set up a small business event? Do you want to have a shoe carnival? Do you want to review cookbooks? You need to come up with a menu You will need to make a list of 100 people to contact. You will research using google, twitter, other bloggers, and any resource you can find to come up with 100 people. You read right that is 3-4 people a day. You will need to write a personal pitch letter. You can see an example of a pitch letter Then you will need to come up with what to charge Blogger rate  examples.

You will need to follow up. This is like dating you give them 48 hours and then you contact them again. You will need to be in charge of your destiny. You need to keep track of whom you have contacted and what the results were.

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How to Make Money Blogging