April 11, 2013

How to Make Boppy Cover Pattern

How to Make Boppy Cover Pattern

Boppy Cover Pattern

Whether you’re looking for a simple replacement or a fancy cover, this boppy cover pattern tutorial will help you create all the Boppy covers you could ever want!

To start, let’s make the boppy cover pattern.

You’ll need:

  • newspaper or other paper to make your pattern pieces
  • boppy pillow or cover to use for tracing
  • pen/pencil/marker for tracing
  • tape, as needed, to connect smaller sheets of paper used to create the pattern pieces

Place the pillow or cover on the paper and draw around it- be sure to leave at least 1 1/2 inches between the item and your trace line, to allow for stuffing/thickness.

As you can see, my tracing is considerably larger than the pillow outer edges, this is to account for it’s thickness. I also traced half of it, so that I’ll cut on the fold, which I prefer to do- feel free to use your preferred method.

Boppy Cover Pattern

You’ll then cut out your pattern piece and place it on folded fabric, of your choice. Carefully cut out two pieces and lay them right sides together.

boppy cover pattern

Starting on the outer right side of your fabric, serge or sew around, to the same point on the opposite side. **See photo right- the top of the case is open, with the remainder of the edge serged**

boppy cover pattern

Insert your pillow into the case and check for fit- if you feel it’s too large, now would be the time to make it a bit smaller, by simply sewing a large seam allowance. If you’re not going to add a zipper or other closure, hand stitch the opening closed.

If you want to add a zipper or velcro, remove the pillow and add them to the open edges OR sew the round edge and create an opening on the bottom edge, as seen on the original Boppy cover. **photo right**

boppy cover pattern

I hope you found this method to be user friendly! If you have questions, please feel free to post below.

Thanks to Shannyn of SimplyShan for this Boppy Cover tutorial

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