July 30, 2015

How to make a burlap banner for a bridal shower

Disclosure: This craft project was sponsored by BurlapFabric.com. All ideas, photos, and creations are my own. 

How to make a burlap banner for a bridal shower

My sister is getting married this August and I am the matron of honor! Aside from the fact that I feel like I age another year every time I hear the word matron, I am so happy and excited for her! I do face a challenge though because my sister is a bit of a tomboy and definitely not into fancy anything.  My idea of a perfect bridal shower is beautiful luncheon with dainty sandwiches, champage, and fancy desserts. That would make her revolt. So I asked her what kind of celebration she would like and I suggested we do a country theme with sunflowers, burlap, and blue gingham decorations, simple food, and relaxing in mom’s backyard. I really want to make this event special for her so I am working on some really awesome decorations. First up, I made a burlap banner with the names of the bride and groom.

how to make a burlap bannerHow to make a burlap banner for a bridal shower

Materials Needed:
Fabric Fusion glue
burlap banner materials
So for the banner I decided to spell out the names of the bride and groom. I needed 12 banner triangle so one pack would have been enough but I ordered two packs of them just in case I made a mistake. I used green twine to make the letters and the glue to attach the letters to the burlap triangles.
Decide how big you want to make the letters on the triangle and cut a length of twine the appropriate size. I kept one piece of twine that was the right length and set it aside to measure all the other cuts of twine against so all my letters would be the same height. For my banner I made the letters 3 3/4 inches tall.
Burlap banner cut the twine into equal lenghts for the tall letters
Next, start forming letters. For tricky letters like “S” I shaped the letter before I cut off the length of twine and just eye balled the size to make sure it was close to my 3 3/4 inch height on the letters with a straight lines.
 burlap banner letter s
Next I used fabric fusion glue to attach the twine letters to the banner triangles. You will need to hold the letters in place until they dry. I just put a glass jar or other heavy object on top of the letters to hold them in place until they would dry. A glass cake pan for example could be used on top of several letters.
burlap banner glue
burlap banner letters on triangles
Once the letters were dry I tied the triangles together in the correct order to spell out the names of the bride and groom. Between the two names I added a triangle decorated with a burlap flower.
burlap banner finished

I think it turned out very nicely. I am also surprised by how easy it was to actually make. When I decided to do it I thought it would be a lot harder. I think you could probably make this burlap banner in under an hour start to finish. You could make these for any celebration.

how to make burlap flowers attached to burlap banner triangle with text

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