100 Things You Can Do To Help Others For Free {Holiday Edition}

100 Things You Can Do To Help Others For Free {Holiday Edition}


The holidays are upon us! When it comes to holidays, a lot of us think about buying presents, making food, and putting up decorations. But there is one very important part of the holidays that some people forget about, and that is goodwill toward our fellow man. Nothing feels as good as giving back during the holiday season. And the best part is, you can help others without spending a dime! If you have visited us before, you might have seen our 100 things you can do to help others for free post, and we love it so much we decided it was time to make a holiday edition! So I hope you enjoy this list, and are able to check some of these good deeds off this holiday season! 

Here are 100 things you can do to help others for free {holiday edition}

  1. Bake cookies for your mailman
  2. Babysit for free
  3. Shovel snow for your neighbors
  4. Read Christmas stories to the neighborhood kids
  5. Spend some time volunteering at an animal shelter
  6. Help cook meals for the homeless
  7. Sing Christmas carols at your local retirement home
  8. Make new parents some easy to reheat dinners
  9. Start a local coat drive
  10. Pick up trash at your local park (if it’s not too cold!)
  11. Donate gently used clothes/toys
  12. Offer to pick up groceries for a sick friend
  13. Call you grandmother! You know she would love to hear from you
  14. Make some soup and bring it to a sick friend
  15. Drop a letter to Santa off at your local Macy’s and support the Make a Wish foundation
  16. Tell a mom who is having a rough time with the kids in the grocery store that she is doing a great job
  17. Leave extra coupons you aren’t going to use at the store next to the items they are for
  18. Smile at everyone! Sometimes a simple smile can make someones day
  19. Offer to watch a friends pet while they go out of town
  20. Invite someone whose family isn’t close to your holiday dinner
  21. Start a bubble bath for your hard working spouse and tell them to relax while you entertain the kids.
  22. Say Thank You as much as possible
  23. Rake leaves for someone else
  24. Write Christmas cards and send them to soldiers that don’t get to come home for the holidays.
  25. Offer to help your child’s teacher in the classroom
  26. Offer to cut down a Christmas tree for someone
  27. Start a toy drive in your town
  28. Volunteer to cook a holiday dinner for families that are staying in your local Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  29. Bake cookies and take them to your local children’s hospital
  30. Help load groceries in to someones car
  31. Don’t forget to send your expired coupons to our troops, they can usually still use them!
  32. Pick a random neighbor, knock on their door, and ask if there is anything you can do for them today!
  33. Turn off the TV and spend the day teaching your children a new skill
  34. Hold the door open for someone
  35. Make Christmas cards for the kids in shelters
  36. Any good at taking pictures? Offer to take some holiday photos for a family that otherwise couldn’t afford it
  37. Got a skill someone else might love to learn? Offer to teach them for free
  38. Always keep the coffee pot full at work
  39. Knit someone a scarf
  40. Have your kids draw festive holiday pictures and hand deliver them at a retirement home
  41. Bring a homemade lunch to your coworkers
  42. Check your pantry for any canned food items you won’t use, and donate them to the food pantry
  43. Donate old blankets and pillows to your local animal shelter
  44. Take the time to simply, listen to those around you that might need you
  45. Help a neighbor put up their holiday lights
  46. Write letters of appreciation to those important in your life
  47. Offer to cover a shift for someone at work
  48. Donate blood at your local red cross
  49. Offer to give someone a ride
  50. Help prepare an evening meal for your church
  51. Return shopping carts you see in the parking lot
  52. Add someone in need to a prayer list
  53. Make homemade ornaments for family and friends
  54. Send a hand written thank you note when someone does something for you
  55. Bring a tasty snack to your local fire department
  56. Welcome new neighbors with a basket of baked goods and a card with your contact information in case they ever need anything or for emergencies.
  57. Volunteer at your local food bank
  58. Got sample size items at home? Make up hygiene kits (toothbrushes, mini soaps, etc) and give them out to the homeless
  59. Bring a neighbors trash can to the curb
  60. Go through your kids movies and donate movies they don’t watch anymore to a woman’s shelter or children’s hospital
  61. Tell someone in person how much they mean to you
  62. Bring someone who has been working outside a nice hot cup of coffee
  63. Teach someone how to coupon
  64. Offer to help clean a busy mom’s house
  65. Set up a snow ball fight for the neighborhood kids, complete with hot chocolate afterwords
  66. Pump someones gas for them on a cold day
  67. Volunteer to mentor a child in need
  68. If you are scraping the ice off your car in the morning, head over and do your neighbors too.
  69. Give the gift of time to your children. Be present
  70. Read to your children every night
  71. Offer to lend someone an outfit for a special event
  72. Give a compliment to a stranger on the street
  73. Be someones shoulder to cry on when they need you
  74. Show up at a friends house with their favorite movie and snack
  75. Start a book club in your town
  76. Write down some yummy recipes and hand them out to strangers
  77. Understand someone elses viewpoint, rather than arguing with them
  78. Start a coupon swap at your work. Take a coupon, leave a coupon
  79. Teach your kids how to cook
  80. Chaperon a school field trip
  81. Ring Bells for the Salvation Army! Something the kids could help you do
  82. Always remember to say “Please” and “Thank you” It goes a long way
  83. Grab the leafblower and blow off someones driveway
  84. Have everyone in the house right a list of what they are thankful for and discuss
  85. Thank a man or woman in uniform for their service
  86. Thank a police officer for keeping you safe
  87. Write a note to your children’s teachers letting them know how thankful you are for them
  88. Volunteer to read stories for kids at your local library
  89. Offer to housesit while someone goes out of town
  90. Make some holiday punch for your neighbors
  91. Host a neighborhood holiday street party just for fun
  92. Be kind to everyone you see
  93. Take care of yourself, so you are able to help others
  94. Offer to be someones designated driver after a holiday party
  95. Cheer on your local sports team
  96. Help an elderly person decorate their Christmas tree
  97. Teach your kids a love of exercising
  98. Tell the people you love, that you love them, as often as you can
  99. Teach someone how to budget
  100. Be Kind

What do you do to help others for free during the holidays?

100 things you can do to help others for FREE

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How to Help Others

How to Help Others

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