November 8, 2015

How to get things done when you are tired?

How to get things done when you are tired?

How to get things done when you are tired?

Are you tired? I hear it all the time. I look tired in the face and challenge it daily. I say to myself get up and get busy. Life is short! The first step to not being tired is to change your attitude. I set my intention every day to have a great day. I open my eyes. I lay in bed, and I think about my blessings. I think about what I want to accomplish and how I am going to accomplish my list. Then my time is happily interrupted by three children rolling in my bed and offering hugs and kisses, stories, and love. I am reminded that being busy is important, but living your life is more important.

I highly suggest eating the right food. You need to fuel your body with the right food. You have to get your body ready to fight the tiredness that you feel. Then I suggest working out. How about using our walking plan. It is free, and it works. You need to take care of your body, mind, and soul.

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This week we’re talking about getting it done. I say talk to your partner about helping you make it happen. I am very honest when I say I had a meltdown a couple of years ago. I was working full-time from home. I was a stay at home mom, teacher, business owner, housekeeper, dishwasher, laundry maker and doer. One day there was a big mess in my life, house, business and my husband walked in from work and sat down. I lost it. I cried. I cried those big ugly tears, and my husband asked, “What is wrong?” I told him I can’t believe you are sitting when the kids are nuts, my work phone is blowing up, dinner is burning, dishes are in the sink. He said, “What can I do to help?” I do not think I have ever loved him more aside from the day we got married and the three times we had children. I needed him to help. I say that it is always important to be honest and to ask for help when you need it. His love for me and helping clean grew into a bigger love for my husband. He now loves to clean. He loves to clean because it makes him happy and it makes me happy. If you need to get things done sometimes you need to ask for help. I would like to ask you to help my husband. He wants to clean for a living so vote for him to be the new Casabella blogger.

How else do I get it done? I work hard with a system. I write a list, and I stick to it. I put my easy to accomplish on the list first, and the time-sensitive ones, then the larger tasks on my list. I love to use Evernote since it is both on my cell and my computer. I encourage you to check off your list. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment. When you are tired and, you think you can’t go on think about your morning and your intentions and push through. You can do this you can accomplish because you can!

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