How to Date Your Son

Disclaimer: I received complimentary passes to King’s Dominion but all opinions in this post are mine.

How to Date Your Son

How to Date Your Son

There is a special place in my heart for my two sons. I feel like it is my job to teach them different things than I teach my daughter. I teach them through my actions and interactions with them. I teach them through my relationship with their dad who is my husband. I want to make sure that I maintain a positive and nurturing relationship with them. I am not their friend I am their mom.

I do however make time each month to go on a date with each child. This allows each child to feel special. It also allows me time to check in with my kids and meet their needs and find out what they are thinking or feeling without interruption. I let them pick the date theme and we go. This month thanks to Kings Dominion for providing us with the tickets free of charge and the experience of a lifetime we decided on a conquer the roller coaster date.

kings dominion

I did what every mom would do I took aspirin and dramamine and I grab a theme park map. We brought another mom and her son with us. That was also what my son wanted to do and we had the kids use the map to figure out where the rides were in the park. I know it is summer but a little practice on how to use a map is always helpful.

These are my helpful tips for planning a rollercoaster date with your son:

1) Make sure you are physically able.
2) Bring or take Aspirin if you get achy or drink a lot of water.
3) I get motion sickness so I brought dramamine and took it.
4) Drink plenty of water (Buy their cup that you can refill for $1).
5) Wear a Sports Bra or a bra that will keep your assets close to your heart.
6) Wear sunscreen.
7) Wear shorts or pants do not wear a skirt.
8) Do not wear a lot of jewelry or large earrings.
9) Do not bring an expensive purse.
10) Bring a fanny pack or something to keep your phone and wallet on you at all times.
11) Bring snack money and lunch or dinner money (It was fun to ride at night).
12) Listen to your body and take breaks we enjoyed a great show.
13) Wear or bring a hat the sun is strong.
14) Take this time to talk with your son.
15) Take pictures even though they may roll their eyes and say not again mom. In the future they will have the pictures.
16) Plan another date while on this date.
17) Do not forget that Kings Dominion has lockers so if you want to enjoy their wonderful Soak City Park do that as well.

Kings Dominion

I can tell you that my son enjoyed the coasters and his time with me. I think we counted 12. We only made it on 9. I liked the Volcano the best and my son liked the Intimidator. I will say that Kings Dominion offers the best variety of Roller Coasters on the East Coast. We had a very adventurous time. We laughed and screamed together and what is better than that?

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