April 21, 2017

How is Baptism Celebrated

How is Baptism Celebrated

No matter when this special occasion is, this is a big celebration. But, how do you celebrate for a baptism? Who do you invite and what is appropriate to make and do at the celebration. This isn’t a birthday party; this is a time to celebrate purification in the Lord. You have decided to give your life to Christ and want to show your church that you are going to live as a Christ follower. So here are some easy tips to make this a great celebration of your loved one’s Baptism.

How is Baptism Celebrated

Like most celebrations, you want to invite your family and friends. With this being a pretty big deal I would make sure no Family member is left out! They will come from near and far to celebrate this special occasion. You can make or buy your invitation. Ensure that you have the date, time and location of the church where the person is getting baptized so they can witness this with you. Then have the reception information on there as well following the service. A simple white or cream invitation would look best for this type of celebration. Make sure too, when selecting the date of the baptism it is not around any big holidays or birthdays so that this can be a specific celebration for this person.

Deciding the location of the celebration is harder. If you can find a restaurant that has a blocked off party room great. Or you can see if your church would allow you to use their banquet hall if it is available. Another great location is your home or a close family home. It makes this occasion very personal then! That is if you have the room for it! Weather can be iffy, but, if it does work out then have the celebration outdoors!

When it comes to decorating for this type of event, I say simple and classy. Using white tablecloths and napkins is best. Using light colors and scented candles and balloons to accent are the perfect touch. You can also buy plasticware that looks like china and real silverware too, but when they are done, you toss it away and makes for an easy cleanup. If you go to the restaurant, then most of the work is done for you.

Having a guest book, a new Bible or frame where family and friends can sign their names along with well wishes is a great idea to have. This is a new beginning and having the love and support of your family and friends is very supportive.

If you are not going to a restaurant, then you will have to plan out a menu. Again keeping this simple is best too while also keeping it classy. Because it’s usually after a church service, everyone is always starving. (That is unless you plan this event after lunch hour, then you can get away with just some light refreshments) But, being that this is a special occasion that is only happening once in a person life, making a nice lunch is an excellent idea. Have a few light appetizers ready to go for when people first walk in. They will be very hungry, so this will help! You can prepare a cheese, meat and cracker platter the night before. You can also have in the crock pot some meatballs going. Toss in a bag of frozen meatballs (5 pounds), a jar of jelly (18 oz) and one (12 oz) jar of chili sauce mix well and cook on low for 4-6 hours and its ready to go. Place some toothpicks beside it so they can grab one and move on. Now time for lunch. Putting a spiral honey ham in a crock pot that is pre-sliced is simple but delicious. You can whip up some mashed potatoes the night before and just reheat before serving. Steam some fresh or frozen veggies. If you are doing this outdoors, you can grill out too. Finally, the dessert. Making or having a simple white cake is perfect. Just make sure you have enough for everyone to have at least one slice…or two.

Also, have a family member or friend take photos. This is a day when you will see some people you haven’t in a long time, and you will want to capture this special day with everyone! Make sure the guest of honor has photos taken with everyone and then get a group shot as well! This doesn’t have to be stressful, and it shouldn’t be. This is a day to rejoice. So just have fun, relax and have a great time! I hope these tips on How to Celebrate a Baptism really help you!

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