Hosting a Cookout on a Budget

Hosting a Cookout on a Budget

Hosting a Cookout on a Budgetrong>Hosting a Cookout on a Budget-I love that the weather it’s starting to get warm, that means it’s time for flip flops, swimming, and cookouts! What is better than rounding up some friends and throwing some burgers on the grill? Nothing!  You get to enjoy being outside in the fresh air, and the clean up is much easier! Cookouts are a great way to spend your summer days, and here are some tips for hosting a cookout on a budget to make it even better!

Here are some great tips for Hosting a Cookout on a Budget


  • Shop ahead of time-  This applies mainly to Holiday Cookouts (Memorial day, 4th of July, etc) Prices for meat, charcoal  and propane will jump up considerably the week before a holiday weekend, so shop ahead of time and save some money!
  • Price Match- Most stores nowadays offer price matching. Do some research and find what stores are having the best deals for meats, veggies, breads, and whatever else you need for your cookout, and print out the ads, take them with you shopping and not only will you save money , but time since you won’t be running around to different stores.
  • Get your guests involved- Does your aunt make killer mac and cheese? Or did your friend ask if she could bring some of her homemade apple pie? Let them! Meals are always more fun (and cheaper) when everyone pitches in and brings a special dish.
  • Shop at your local Dollar Store- I love shopping at the dollar store anytime, but especially around holidays or when I’m party planning. You can find all the paper products (plates, cups, napkins) for super cheap, and you can even get some outdoor candles and decorations for way less than your local party supply store.
  • Plan your menu according to sales- When it comes to cookouts, there are the stand bys, hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks. But who says you can’t shake it up a bit? See a great sale on chicken around the time of your cookout? Grab it! You can also buy early and freeze if you see a sale on a meal you really want to serve at your cookout.

Looking for even more tips for Hosting a Cookout on a budget?

Tips For Hosting a Low Budget Cookout

Tips For Hosting a Low Budget Cookout

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