January 8, 2012


The best things in life are free? I used to think that. I mean I used to think the air in my house was perfect. That was until the fall. In our bedroom there is a tree located right outside of the window for some reason it really impedes my sleeping. I tried the True HEPA Tower Air Purifier and I was able to sleep like a baby before I had a baby. It is quiet and it really works. The air is crisp and I no longer have to struggle to fight the allergens in the air. I love my air tower so much we are saving for one for the kids rooms. I really should talk about this but.. well my children have a hermit crab and they forgot to change the food. The result was a nasty smell. I put this unit downstairs and while I was cleaning the cage the problem was resolved. You can plainly see the cause of the issue and the resolution to the odor. I love our True HEPA Tower Air Purifier!

Easy-To-Care Cool Moisture Humidifier HCM-710

We needed this and we didn’t even know it until we turned it on. I couldn’t believe the change in my children’s skin. They have dry skin and had a hard time sleeping at night. It never occurred to me that the baby may have trouble breathing or that a humidifier could fix both issues. Then I opened the box and poured in a gallon of water. The unit runs for 36 hours on one gallon so it was easy to keep up. You simply add another gallon of water every three days. It is also nice that is a cool water system since my children enjoy touching things that they should not. We love our Honeywell Easy-To-Care Cool Moisture Humidifier HCM-710

I received both products to review but the opinions are mine.

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