September 18, 2012

Homemaking Tips: Bath-time Tricks

Have you noticed how hard it is to successfully wash your daughters hair? The reason I say daughter is because 98% of the time they are the troublemakers, but boys may cause this too.

No matter how hard I try to get my youngest to let me wash her hair she fights me so hard I wind up giving up from lack of energy. She is very strong willed like my husband, so I have learned a few tricks from her stubbornness….Hope they help you out. J

1. Let them do it their self – My daughter is 2½, and refuses to let me help her wash her hair. It had gotten so bad that she would throw a full-blown tantrum over it to where I would just give up. The day I asked her if SHE wanted to wash her hair she was so excited….Miss Independent for sure! From that day forward she has been all about it.

2. Try a shower – Before I was brave enough to let her wash it herself, I put her in the shower when it was time to wash her hair. This way she can control the water going over her head, and I can control the washing of the hair. Crazy enough it worked for a bit, but now she won’t let me get by with it anymore.

3. Opt for a bath cap – They have these cute hat type things made for the bath to keep the shampoo and water from getting into their eyes. You can get the cap here. They also have a visor one that you have to hold up when you pour the water on, but it works just as well. You can get the visor here. They both are super inexpensive and work great from what I have heard.

For those of you who have little ones, I hope this helps give you some ‘cry-free’ tips on hair washing tricks and eases bath time for the future. I know mine HATES anything pouring over her face, except the shower, which was the prime cause for the fits.

Happy Homemaking!

Thanks to The Fashionable Housewife for this post! Check out more Homemaking tips.

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