May 8, 2013

Homemade Body Scrub Sugar and Sage

Homemade Body Scrub Sugar and Sage

Homemade Body Scrub: Sugar and Sage

I recently got back from an amazing Spa in New Mexico the Inn at Loretto and I fell in love with Homemade Body Scrub: Sugar and Sage.  I bought a travel size of their scrub and it was $22.00. I figured it was cheaper than the massage. I also figured that I could try to make one that was similar for my own use at home. I went to work with my trip in mind. I also knew this would make a super gift for anything from mother’s day to teacher’s gift to a perfect pick me up for a sickness or for a break-up Gift idea and of course a nice holiday gift idea.

Homemade Body Scrub: Sugar and Sage Ingredients:


2 cups of white sugar

2 cups brown sugar, dark or light

2-3 tablespoons of coarse sea salt

1/2 cup of grape seed oil

Sprig of fresh sage torn

8 drops of Sage oil

You will need to combine all of the items and mix them until blended. Then place them in a mason jar and put a cool flower on top and close the jar.

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