November 10, 2013

Holiday Checklist

Holiday Checklist


holiday checklist (in case you want to print it out)

I am making a list and checking it twice.. Oh, it looks like I am on there as naughty twice. Is it possible to be so naughty that you get listed twice? All kidding aside the holidays are the most wonderful and stressful time of the year. That is if you let them be stressful. I believe that life is about memories. It is about making memories that count and spending time with the people you love. We have a holiday tradition of celebrating Hanukah and Christmas. This is the time of year that my children feel really close to my Judaism. In all honesty the thing that we really like doing is gathering gifts for children that do not have them. We start collecting presents the day after Christmas and we keep going until the holiday toy drive in our community. The children even select four of their birthday gifts to donate. I have three kids so that equals 12 gifts you know the 12 Days of Christmas my true love gave to me well they love that song and they decided to donate 12 gifts. I decide that time is love and I am going to have a whole new checklist this year. I made it for you to all pin and share and print out for later use. You see the difference between what you have always done and what you can do now is your mindset. I am setting my holiday to not include stress. I am going to do what I what when I want with the people I would like to spend time with. I am going to define my day with all the things I accomplished instead of what I didn’t get to do. I am going to remind myself that the only thing that is important it the memories that we make. I will get out the sugar cookie supplies and play the All I Want For Christmas is a Hippopotamus  for Christmas song on my children’s holiday CD. I will make reindeer snacks for Santa’s team and cookies for him to eat. I will hide an elf and wear a tacky sweater and I will tell my children about when I was younger. I will do all the important things that make a holiday happy.

Holiday Checklist

I will give to those in need. I will do more good deeds. I will cook something extra for a person who doesn’t have. I will collect coats and blankets and give them to people who need warmth. I will drive all over looking at holiday light. I will read the Night Before Christmas and I will light the menorah. I will embrace my family and all the holidays that became before ours. I will hold my children and kiss them more. I will remind them it isn’t about the presents it is about being present.

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