June 5, 2013

Hide & Seek Geocache GPS Review

Hide & Seek Geocache GPS Review


Recently I got the opportunity to review the Hide & Seek Geocache GPS with my family. Never heard of geocaching? Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS. A geocache is actually a small container that has a  a logbook (so people can see how many other people have found the cache before) and a small trinket (such as coins, marbles, etc)  stashed in outdoor places, such as a under a bush, park bench or inside a log. Geocache coordinates are posted on geocaching.com; seekers use a GPS unit to find them. It is a super fun way to spend some time outdoors with your family doing something that is not only fun, but educational!

Here are some facts about the Hide & Seek Geocache GPS:

  • Ready to go right out of the box
  • Includes splash-proof GPS unit, geocache container, prizes, guidebook
  • Preloaded with 250,000 geocaches in U.S.
  • Provides hints about cache size, location difficulty & terrain
  • Stores starting point, so you can’t get lost
  • Device also provides compass directions, latitude, longitude & elevation

This Hide & Seek Geocache GPS was easy to setup (all you have to do is pop some AAA batteries in it!) and easy to use. My 5 year old was our navigator and it was simple enough for her to understand! It also came with a neck strap so you didn’t have to worry about holding it at all times. The process is simple enough, Once you get to an area you would like to “hunt” in, you turn the hide & seek geocache gps  on and hold it on in front of you. It will tell you how far the nearest cache is too you, and what direction to go to to find it! Easy Peasy.

So how did our first adventure using the Hide & Seek Geocache GPS go?

I’ll be honest, we didn’t find a cache. But, this was not due to a defect in the hide & seek Geocache GPS. It was due to the fact that when we did come upon the location of the cache, it was hidden under a very large rock, and I just knew there had to be something creepy and crawly under that rock. On our next adventure I will be sure to bring some gloves with me! Overall I think the Hide & Seek Geocache GPS is an awesome product for anyone that loves geocaching, or anyone who is just starting out!

If you would like to learn more about the Hide & Seek Geocache GPS or to purchase it, check out the Imagine Toys Website! Also be sure to check out Gwens review for the Pottery Studio by Imagine Toys for another fun item for Imagine toys!


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