December 1, 2016

Help As You Manage Depression with the Moodivator App

“This post was developed in partnership with Pfizer as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

Depression is very real and if you think that it could not happen to you or someone you love then you are very wrong. Millions of people suffer from depression. Life is hard, and it can suck at times! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. But to assist you along the way I recommend that you download the Moodivator app to help you as you manage depression.

Moodivator App

We use our phones for coupons, recipes, locating cheap gas why not use it for monitoring our
health. Pfizer created this app with the help of psychiatrists to help complement a patient’s
treatment by providing ongoing motivation in a simple, efficient, and portable way for those living with depression. Moodivator app helps keep you motivated by setting reachable goals and helps keep you on a routine while monitoring your mood. The best part about the Moodivator app is that it is free, easy to use and encourages you along the way. Even on day two of using the app, I was congratulated for coming back two days in a row! People need compliments! Who wouldn’t want a compliment? I love that!


The Moodivator app also helps in three ways; goal setting, mood tracking and sharing results. I love the goal setting because I was able to enter in goals I needed for myself. You can set goals for, treatments, wellness, work, home & family and social. One of my favorites was the plan cell-phone free family time. I challenged my family to put all electronics in a basket on silent, so we could enjoy dinner with one another getting to know how our day went.


You can also track your mood each day. It is so important to track your mood and the details each day.

What is important as well is sharing with your family and friends how you are doing. When you are down, let them know so they can encourage you and pick you up. And when you are doing well, share with them so you all can celebrate together.

The free Moodivator app is now available for download on iPhones from the Apple App Store.

Download the Moodivator app today and check out this Moodivator video to learn more great ways on how it can help you.

“The Moodivator app is not a treatment for depression and does not take the place of your doctor’s care or advice. This app also includes information about a prescription treatment option for depression.”

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