July 19, 2017

Make Home Happen with SunTrust Mortgage

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust Mortgage.  All opinions are my own.

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Our three kids have flown the nest and a season of change is upon us.  The four bedroom rental we’ve been in for the last five years is just too large now.  Decisions have to be made.  Are we going to rent a smaller house or take the leap and finally buy a “forever” home?  After much consideration, we’ve decided renting is no longer a good option for us and that buying a smaller house is the right move.  It’s a huge milestone for us!

Where to Start the Home Buying Process

I’ve worked as a real estate paralegal for almost thirty years, assisting home buyers through the loan closing process.  Up until a few years ago, my husband was a real estate broker who, for over twenty-five years, helped many buyers search for and find homes to call their own.  

However, even with our extensive background in real estate, we too have to start somewhere.  That’s why we decided to rely on SunTrust Mortgage’s publication “Your Guide to Home Buying”.  This guide accurately defines the home buying process from A to Z.  Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner, this guide truly helps buyers understand the ins and outs of the home buying process.

This Isn’t Our First Time Buying a House

This isn’t our first rodeo.  Mind you, we’ve done this before.  We’ve owned a house.  In fact, we’ve owned many houses over the years and realize homeownership is a major responsibility.  This time around, we plan to go into the home buying process with a better understanding of what is most important to us.  After all, this might very well be our “forever” home.  

What We Want In a Home

Since we’ve lived in and owned many different houses, from a townhouse in the city to a McMansion in the country, we know what we need and, most importantly, want in a home.  Our must-haves are very specific.  A three-bedroom, two and a half bath house in our current neighborhood with a front porch and a garage are absolute must-haves.  We would prefer to live off the main neighborhood street and not on a corner lot.    

Hopefully, our search will lead us to a hidden gem.  With some luck, we might chance upon the perfect house on a lot which overlooks the beautiful lake which is part of our community.  Maybe the house we find will be on the lake but not have everything else we are looking for.  It might be a fixer-upper.  What do we do then?  Do we stray from our list and take a leap of faith because a potential house is in a prime location?  These are all things we have to consider. We realize the key is having the confidence needed to make HOME, our home, happen.  

What About You?

If you are thinking about buying a home, be prepared for a multitude of decisions.  Do your homework and research your options.  Home buying can be a scary process but with the right tools from SunTrust Mortgage, you too can make home happen!  

Suntrust Disclaimer

At SunTrust Mortgage, we make it a priority to learn all about your unique circumstances. Confidence starts with a conversation. 

Talk with a SunTrust Mortgage expert today. 

This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust Mortgage. All opinions are my own.

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I work as a real estate paralegal at a family-friendly law firm. Raised in the suburbs of Washington, DC, I graduated from UVa and met my husband, Mike, in our hometown of Alexandria, VA. Fourteen years ago, we took a leap of faith and moved our family out of the rat race to a small, rural community near Charlottesville, VA. Mike is my "OOH RAH man" and career real estate broker who is now enjoying life on a bucket list. We have three children, Bubba, (who married the girl of his dreams), Sissy, and Missy (now an "only" child). In the last few years, we've been blessed with two grandchildren (a girl and a boy). I love a bargain and have gained a reputation over the years for being quite the "coupon queen."

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