February 12, 2014

Heart Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Heart Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Heart Healthy Weight Loss Diet Recipe

Keeping your family healthy does not mean you have to stop making your favorite recipes. You can easily create a healthy version of your favorite recipe by following these Heart Healthy Weight Loss Diet Recipe Tips. Implement these tips into each of your favorite recipes and your family will be begging for more and won’t even notice the changes.

Heart Healthy Weight Loss Diet Recipe Tips

1. Substitute Plain Yogurt for Sour Cream in Recipes,Dips and as a great topper for Chili or Baked Potatoes.

2. Eggs are okay in moderation but to avoid cholesterol use only the egg whites. If you have heart disease you may want to limit your consumption to no more than 3 yolks a week.

3. Use Reduced Sodium Soups, Broths, and Vegetables in place of their more widely used counterparts with more sodium.

4. If Reduced Salt options are not available in canned vegetables, use fresh or frozen or rinse canned.

5. Skip cream soups and gravies and opt for broth based soups.

6. Skip the Salt in recipes and use salt free seasonings to add flavor to your food. Some great options are Garlic, Herbs, and Bay Leaves. You can also use salt free seasonings already prepared such as Mrs. Dash.

7. If you must use salt, then choose Sea Salt over iodized salt because it packs more flavor in a smaller amount.

8. Choose Margarine over butter because it does not contain cholesterol. Look for a margarine that contains no trans fat, has the least amount of saturated fat, and low calories. Margarine in a bowl is better than stick margarine.

9. Dairy Products are good for you but they can contain a lot of fat. When choosing healthy milks, yogurts and cheeses look for options that are fat free or low fat. Skip products that are 2% or more in fat or use sparingly.

10. When choosing an oil make sure that you are aware how you should cook with it. Some oils have a low smoke point which means that they start to produce smoke at low temperatures. Some great options are listed below based on how they should be used.

  • Searing or Browning — Hazelnut, Refined Light Olive Oil, or Sunflower Oil (look for high-oleic versions)
  • Baking, Oven Cooking, or Stir Frying – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Light Sauteing, Sauces, and Low Heat Baking – Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dressings, Dips or Marinades (No Heat) – Flaxseed Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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