What Not to Feed Your Dogs

Don’t feed your dog human food until you check out the list of 

What Not To Feed Your Dog!

What Not To Feed Your Dog

Keep Your Pets Healthy when you follow this list of What Not To Feed Your Dog

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Grapes and Raisins – These should be avoided at all costs as they carry a toxin that causes severe liver and kidney damage.

Chocolate – It is not just the caffeine but other ingredients that can cause panting,vomiting,diarrhea,dehydration and damage toyour dog’s heart and nervous system.

What Not To Feed Your Dog Continued


Corn on the Cob – Although the corn is digested the cob pieces can become lodged in the intestine and cause serious GI issues requiring surgery.

Onions,Garlic and Chives– Regardless of the form all 3 need to be avoided in dogs. Each of them contain disulfides and sulfoxides (thiosulphate) which cause anemia and damage to the red blood cells.

Fresh Peaches,Plums and Persimmons Pits – Although the fruit itself is not harmful,the seeds and pits can cause serious damage to their intestines. It is best to avoid these fruits so you don’t have to worry about the presence of seeds or pits.

Alcohol – Although many find it funny when a dog walks around intoxicated, it is very dangerous and can cause serious problems. Dogs can loose their coordination,suffer from poor breathing and even become acidic which can result in death.

Apple Seeds – Apples are a nice tasty treat for dogs but make sure to remove all the seeds as they contain a chemical which converts into cyanide. Cyanide is a deadly poison so be sure to core and remove all the seeds before serving.

Candy and Chewing Gum – The sugar is not the only thing dangerous about these two but the Xylitol contained as well. Xylitol can cause the over release insulin which can lead to kidney and liver damage.

Macadamia Nuts – They contain a toxin that can cause weakness, panting, swollen limbs,and tremors. The toxin can also damage your dog’s digestive, muscle and nervous systems.


Fat Trimmings– Although many dogs like these and find them very delicious the fat content in them can cause pancreatitis.

Coffee- Although it seems pretty harmless the dangers associated with chocolate are also associated with coffee. It should be avoided at all costs.

Bones– We all know not to feed our dog chicken bones because they can splinter but it is best to avoid any type of bones. All types of bones including pork and beef can get lodged in a dog’s throat. If you want to give your dog a bone a nylabone or large femur bone are best.

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This is not a complete list and just because an item is not listed here does not mean it is safe. If you have any questions regarding if a food is safe for your dog you should check with your veterinarian. 

Now that you know what not to feed your Dog

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