Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Tips

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Tips

Healthy dog treat recipes tips


I enjoy making Healthy Dog Treat Recipes but admit to not always having the perfect results every time. I have learned some tips and tricks that make creating these treats for my pets easier. You will find that these tips will help save you time and allow you to create delicious Healthy Dog Treat Recipes every time. 

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes Tips

1. Don’t make treats with ingredients that your dog doesn’t like. No matter how yummy you may think the treat, is if it contains something your dog doesn’t like something that is inside he/she will not eat it. You will only waste your time and money.

2. A Gluten Free Pet Diet includes treats. If your dog is sensitive to gluten products in his food, he will be sensitive to them in treats. Instead make sure you substitute Gluten Free products for the ingredients with gluten.

3. Avoid recipes with ingredients your dog is allergic to. There are plenty of options available when making your own dog treats so don’t worry.

4. Homemade dog treats do not stay fresh as long as store bought dog treats. This is because they do not have any of the additives and preservatives found in store bought treats. The best way to make them last longer is to keep them in the fridge or freezer to extend their shelf life.

5. Cooking Times Vary. Just like when you are baking for yourself, not every oven is the same. Make sure to watch your treats so you don’t over or under cook them. If you have a printed recipe, make a note with how long your oven took so you will know for next time.

6. Make sure you have all the ingredients. Nothing is more disappointing then finding out you don’t have an ingredient you need and be half way thru making your treats. Sometimes you can substitute if you know ahead of time but some times you can’t.

7. Don’t be a slave to the recipe. Just because it calls for a certain amount of a liquid ingredient (ex. water, oil, applesauce) doesn’t mean that you will need that much or not more. Slowly add your liquid to the dry ingredients and mix till you have the right consistency. 

8. Don’t use treats as a substitute for your dog’s regular meals. Treats are supposed to be just that a treat to get randomly not at a set time like a meal. If you start feeding your dog treats as a meal they will not want to go back to their regular meal food and may gain weight.

9. Start with a simple recipe (Like this Frozen Healthy Dog Treat Recipes) until you are comfortable making more complex recipes.

10. Make sure the recipes you feed your dog are healthy for him. We have a nice selection of Healthy Dog Treat Recipes found here.

Make sure you are keep your dog healthy by avoiding the foods on this list of What Not To Feed Your Pet.

If your dog has a little extra weight get him active with our tips to Exercise Your Dog.

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