April 18, 2016

Iams® Healthiest Dog Food for Visible Differences

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iams for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we made the decision to make the switch to Iams® for our dog Spankie, we were excited because we wanted Spankie to have optimum health and wellness just like us.  He is after all an important member of our family and if we were working toward our own improved health and wellness he should be included.  As a rescue dog we can only estimate (with the help of our vet) that he is about nine years old.  Calculating that in “dog years” we know that it is important to focus on Spankie’s diet in order to give him the best life possible.   So we made the switch to Iams® about six months ago which is so far  the healthiest dog food we could find and have noticed that he continues to improve in his overall health and wellness. We can definitely see Iams Visible Differences.

Iams® Healthiest Dog Food for Visible Differences

Overall health and wellness for our pets is important and with Iams quality dog food we know that Spankie is getting a healthy, well-balanced diet along with physical activity.  Age affects animals much like it affects humans.  In order to maintain a healthy functioning body we must incorporate a healthy meal plan; one that fuels our body for optimum function.  What we put in our pets provides the basis for everything they do from physical play to how their body functions; similar to the old adage what goes in must come out.  So if we put quality food from Iams in our pets then what comes out of them will be of the same quality; from their physical activity to their back end production i.e. poop.  His skin and coat are healthier, shinier and softer than before.  The groomer continues to comment on how his skin and coat have changed.  

Now that Spankie is an Iams dog his energy level is higher and his endurance in physical activities is greater as well.  Spankie loves taking walks around our neighborhood and playing catch in the backyard or at the park.  Whether it’s outside chasing a ball in the grass or catching snowballs in the winter, Spankies time outside is filled with energy packed activity which leads to good rest time afterward.  Because we switched to Iams Spankie continues to enjoy a healthy happy active lifestyle, Iams is really the healthiest dog food available and I suggest you let your dogs try it and see the visible differences.

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