November 27, 2013

Hanukkah Gifts 2013

Hanukkah Gifts 2013

hanukkah gifts

Do you wonder what the Jewish people buy for one another.. The same things as Christian people. I have had people ask me that. Yup, I smiled and answered in a way that only I can answer we buy one another savings bonds we know the value of a dollar. Then when they look shocked I tell them the secret we buy the same gifts. We just buy 8 gifts. I say the Jews are planners we like to know what we are getting and how much. I am joking this is a joke so do not email me mad over my Jew joke. I will say as a Jewish woman married to a Catholic man that I do like the eight nights of Hanukkah over Christmas because the children aren’t as overwhelmed opening gifts and I feel like I get my money’s worth if I can watch their joy one item at a time. Yes, my kids get Santa gifts as well. If you look at all I have to buy you will know I like a good deal. I like to start shopping early and using coupons to stretch my dollars. I have a budget of $100 for each child to buy 8 gifts each. I do it! I do it every year the gift buying not making children. LOL

My Daughters Hanukkah Gifts for 2013

Super Cute Hello Kitty Wrist Watch Girls Gift Free Shipping- Pink

Dollie & Me Girls Sleeveless Tunic Printed Bike Short & Matching Doll Garment

Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder – Pink/White

Crayola Marker Maker


Melissa & Doug Play House! Reusable Sticker Pad

Strawberry Shortcake: The Glimmerberry Ball Movie

A Berry Bitty Ballet (Strawberry Shortcake)


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