Halloween Recipe: “Worm” Sandwich

Halloween Recipe:”Worm” Sandwich



Looking for a fun Halloween Recipe to make for your kids this year? Try this “Worm” Sandwich! We know it’s just hot dogs, but it looks like a total gross out worms on a bun! My 5 year old cracked up at this recipe, and said we have to serve them at our Halloween Party. This recipe was simple to make, and only takes about 10 minutes and a few ingredients!

Here is how to make this Halloween Recipe: “Worm Sandwich”:

Halloween Recipe: “Worm” Sanwich


  • Hot Dogs 2 for each sandwich
  • A cup of BBQ Sauce
  • Buns
  • Sliced Cheese


  • worms1
  • First, Cut your hot dogs into 6 strips each. (Cut them in 1/2 first, then those 1/2 into 1/2s)
  • Next, put your hot dog slices into a skillet over medium-high heat and cook until hotdogs crisp slightly, and the edges begin to curl.
  • Then, add your cup of BBQ sauce to the hot dogs and cook until bubbly.
  • While your "worms" are still warm, put them on top of a bun and cheese so the cheese melts slightly.
  • Put your top bun on and serve to your grossed out party guests (or kids!)

My family loved this Halloween Recipe and I hope your family will love it too!

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