Halloween Costumes on a Budget

It is mid September and October will be here before we know it! I love fall- the cooler nights and changing colors are delightful! This also means that it is time to start thinking about Halloween costumes. I try not to spend very much money on my kids costumes. I can get away with it pretty easily since they are still young. I still allow them choices but guide them in the choice of costume based on what is available. I am sure this is not easily done when you have older kids! So here are a few ideas for saving money on costumes.

Make Your Own Costume

Get creative and make a homemade costume. I have seen some really cool costumes put together by creative kids and their parents. This option takes a bit of work so start thinking now!

Ben Static Cling

My nephew created his own costume three years ago since the one he wanted did not come in time. He went as Static Cling! He wore all black and then pinned socks and fabric softener sheets to his clothing. It was pretty creative, easy and cheap!

Trade Costumes

Last year I borrowed costumes from Amee and my Sister in Law. I allowed my boys to pick their costume based on what was available to borrow. They had so much fun trying every costume on (multiple times!). You could turn this in to a huge swap. Gather your friends and family and bring all costumes from the past few years. Or if you belong to a mom’s group or club, organize an exchange. Our local mom’s group usually puts together a spreadsheet online of available costumes. Everyone emails with the details of  the costumes that they have available. It makes it affordable for everyone!

Buying Halloween Costumes

Scarecrow Costumes

Start looking for costumes now. If you like to yard sale, start looking for costumes. Two years ago my boys went as scarecrows. I found both of their costumes at Yard Sales I had attended in the summer. Another place to checkout is thrift stores and GoodWill.

There are several places to order from online. First off, start by searching on Ebay or Craigslist. You may score a good deal on a used costume if you look now. GoodWill is online as well and they have a few costume items.

Buy Costumes offers a daily deal on Halloween items. They offer Five deals a day for under $5. Check back daily for new deals! If you buy $40 or more use code vamp10 to get an additional 10% off.

Costume Kingdom is offering 10% off with code SPOOKY and they offer FREE shipping with a $65 purchase.

Pretty Party Place is another site I came across offering costumes. They are also offering 10% off is you sign up for their monthly newsletter. Shipping is FREE when you spend $60 or more and use code ppp09f.

What are your plans for costumes this year? I think we will be borrowing them or making something. I would love to hear your ideas for homemade costumes!

Now it’s your turn!

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